Pesadelo O Inicio

Pesadelo O Inicio (2012)

“I could not sleep, I was thinking about work the next day, after all the stories i heard about that place, about the evil creatures, death, and missing people. I can ‘t stop thinking about how this place really like, if there is any truth to all those stories? … “

Pesadelo Cover

Pesadelo O Inicio (Nightmare: The Beginning) is a title released from Brazil from Skyjaz games. The character after a night of hearing horror stories at the workplace, awakens (or enters a nightmare, who knows?) where the stories come to life and you must find a way to escape this nightmare, pursued by creatures who won’t stop until they capture you.




Pesadelo (The Tube Station)

– Loira (Office Space)

Latest News

– Announced by Skyjaz games in 30 days Pesadelo O Inicio has been downloaded 77 thousand downloads, after Pesadelo Beta was downloaded 100k times in 90 days.

Official Site –


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