Pesadelo O Inicio Walkthrough

Welcome to the official Lupo guide for Pesadelo O Inicio. There are many ways to go around in completing each stage so this is one route to take to complete the game. Enjoy!

Pesadelo O Inicio WT 01

(Opening the Administrator Room will unleash the monster to pursue you. This guide takes the longer path to reach this moment so depending on how prepared you are to face it, think when you’ll want to open the door.)

You start the game on one side of this abandoned tube station. Now you won’t be able to sprint yet, so make your way to the left to the Generator room. You’ll notice that there is a missing Valve which you’ll need to progress.

Missing Valve Pesadelo

For now, grab the Torch, the 1st Mini Key on the seat and the Inventory Case beside it. You’ll also be able to sprint now. Now open the door to the janitors storage room and pick up the Save Paper.

Save Paper

Save Paper


These papers essentially save your progress during your playthrough though they are limited in number and can only be used once. You can’t use these yet though so it’s time to leave this room.

Now go to towards the tracks and towards the purple light to retrieve the Administrator Key.

Administrator Room Key

Administrator Room Key

Now turn back and enter the electronics room with the door open. Go inside and recover the 2nd Mini Key.

2nd Mini Key

2nd Mini Key

Only now the door is shut tight so what to do? Easy, collect the Matches.



Then grab one of the little bombs and using your inventory select it and place it into the door, then select your matches to light it up and bang, the door is open once again.

Light It Up Pesadelo

Now to clear up the toilets  as much as you can before unleashing the beast into the tube station. The toilets one side of the tracks have their doors locked for the moment, yet there is a Screwdriver you can collect at the end of the corridor outside of them.



Now go to the toilets which are open to retrieve the 3rd Mini Key.

3rd Mini Key

3rd Mini Key

Now head to the Administrator room. Before heading in, you’ll see a door in front of you, which contains the Locked Case and Clipboard. Using the Save Paper with the Clipboard saves your progress up until that moment so only use the save game if you’re sure about it or if you’ve got so far into the game you don’t want to risk starting over.

Saving Pesadelo

Now open the Administrator room to retrieve the missing Valve and the Storage Room Key, as well as the valve order that needs to be taken to start it up. Be warned now though for you’ve unleashed the creature.

Valve on shelf, key on table and sequence is on the piece of paper above.

Valve on shelf, key on table and sequence is on the piece of paper above.

Now head back to the Generator room and place the valve. Now if you look to your right you’ll see the four colours in the order that each valve needs to be turned. If not, remember the number order given to you before or the image below.

1st Valve Yellow 04 2nd Valve Red 02 3rd Valve Green 01 4th Valve Blue 03

1st Valve Yellow 04
2nd Valve Red 02
3rd Valve Green 01
4th Valve Blue 03


Now that you’ve activated the Generator be warned. Soon enough a counter will start ticking down from 7:00 as the Generator is starting to overheat. Just keep a cool head during this stage. Now head to the other side of the tracks to the door at the opposite far end which you can now open thanks to the Screwdriver and Storage Room Key.

Storage Pesadelo

Once inside, pick up the Panel and the Lightbulb.

Panel On The Table, Lamp On The Shelf

Panel On The Table, Lamp On The Shelf

Now remember the room with the missing lightbulb? If you don’t, head to the toilets you can enter to place the lightbulb into the socket and voila, you now have the code for the panel.

Code 2331

Code 2331

Leave the toilets and head towards one of the doors with an empty panel case beside it. Place the panel in and type the code given to you to enter the room.

Pesadelo Code 2331 Panel

Once inside you’ll find the Toilet Keys.

Now open the locked toilets to recover the 4th Mini Key.

4th Mini Key Pesadelo O Inicio

4th Mini Key

Now that you’ve got all Mini Keys, run back to the room where clipboard and Locked Case where and open the Locked Case to retrieve the Master Key.

Master Key

Master Key

Now it’s a matter of opening the main doors to escape this station and head down this corridor but great it’s blocked off, so take a right through the earth.

End 1st Pesadelo O Inicio End 1st Pesadelo O Inicio B

You’ve escaped the Tube Station and survived the first part of this nightmare, but the worst is yet to come….

End 1st Pesadelo O Inicio C



(Coming soon!) Next



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