Reus (2013)

Reus Cover

A god game created by Abbey Games where instead of controlling and assisting the inhabitants in the world, you are the one shaping it with the powers of nature in your palms and ancient giants to call upon, this 2D style perspective game is something new and exciting for the genre.




Many god games have you put in control of the fates of the men and women who inhabit the world, eventually creating the largest and most powerful society you can while trying to survive. Now there have been many different takes on the playing god role, yet Reus takes this in a direction that many would never expect could be used within the game genre yet Reus coming for release very soon now, 16th of May, seems to have got the cards right to deliver a fresh and unique experience.

Already what stands out is the 2D perspective and world of Reus, which is very colourful, bright and its own distinct style. This world which you will be able to manipulate through the forces of nature with the assistance of the giants which are each force incarnate (for instance there is the Forest Giant, which brings nature to your world, Water and Earth for shaping seas,ecosystems, mining) allowing you to shape the world however you want, with each different landscape with its own art style.

Here is an example of how you’ll manage the world. Using the water to wet the surface of your initially barren planter, to create a forest area, then fruit trees, randomly, then people move in, take care of humans who create villages and expand, grow in many ways, projects such as granaries, which improve city produce. Or creating chickens will bring foxes and rabbits to the world which you’ll be able to expand with blueberry trees. Even with the little gameplay available to us, it is pretty obvious that the game won’t shy away from the challenge and extensive technology tress present in such games.

This all happens as your inhabitants walk around your world during their everyday tasks though the biggest task will be the one you’ll have to face; human greed. Indeed human’s if spoilt or not taken care of, may start rebelling against one another or even against the very Giants, who stand in the background of your world, watching over your creation. It’s a great concept that the very forces of nature and how much you influence the land can either spell the beginning or end to your game.

The audio present in the game sound good at the moment with variety of mood and instruments, which I’m sure will be much so when the final version is out and the music composer can be found here –

Reus takes a different approach, both visually and gameplay wise, to the popular god games and it will be interesting to see this game in proper action once it is released with a beautifully made world ready for all you fans.

Reus is available on Steam, Gamersgate, and Desura.

Official Site –


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