BLAME Alpha Demo Playthrough

Welcome to the Lupo playthrough of BLAME (Alpha ver. 0.2)!

Seeing as this is a work in progress, there will be no review only summary of gameplay experience, looking at elements of the game and possible improvements that could better the experience. Slight spoiler can be found in the Speculation section.


BLAME is a game currently a work in progress and reading up on the development, it seems this is a one man project with somebody who had to teach themselves how to produce a game and their very first. Let us play BLAME.


The final version of BLAME promises many unlockables and easter eggs, which are two elements of gaming that the creator loves, though at the moment this option isn’t available to access through the main menu. Now the game is a first person horror and thankfully the controls on how to play are shown to you right from the start, though I though my mouse had stopped working due to not being able to move the camera. This is a small problem which can be fixed by pressing Esc and increasing the mouse sensitivity.

Now you’ll notice in the top left a battery which slowly depletes. This is your charge for your flashlight and while you walk this maze you’ll have to collect them to keep going. This I found to be a great aspect of the game as it keeps you constantly moving trying to ensure you have as much light as you can. So we find ourselves in a maze with industrial sounding music and when we turn off our flashlight, the whole world becomes tinted red and starts to rotate, expanding and shrinking and the whole feel I got was that we were in some kind of ‘hell’. I don’t know whether this is what the developer was aiming for but though not using its potential to 100% (I got the feeling but never got scared of the world around me) I’m sure this will be improved in subsequent updates.

You can never see the end of corridors due to the red glow which works well

You can never see the end of corridors due to the red glow which works well

Now as for the objective, there really isn’t any besides avoiding our pursuer and collecting three items (a teddy bear, a rose and a novel) which ends the game. Just to quickly note, I’m sure this will be fixed but to open the wardrobes which can be found in the maze and the collectible items, I found myself having to get right up close before I could interact with the object. The developer has stated that there is obviously more to come in later updates but I was surprised by just three items, two of which in one playthrough spawned a top one another. It shortens the experience quite a bit though provides strong clues to what BLAME’s story could be about.

You must find the novel, teddy and rose.

You must find the novel, teddy and rose.

Now while the maze is confusing, there is a tag feature which enables you to track your progress as you venture through the maze. This is really helpful as the narrow corridors can all seem familiar besides a couple of locations. Now for the pursuer.

You fippin' me off?

You fippin’ me off?

The pursuer is simple in its design though there is an audio cue which plays as he slowly approaches though I found this to work against the horror the game was trying to instill in me. If you try to run, you can sprint but not for too long as the protagonist has to catch their breath which I found to be a nice touch.Unfortuantely the pursuer seems to be a Slender like pursuer, which was slightly dissapointing after I was convinced the threat was coming from the grates above me. When I was playing with this thought in mind, I was much tense then when I actually confronted my pursuer.




We Made It!

We Made It!

Once you have collected the three items, the above image is shown to you. Now there is a hint of a child involved from the official trailer, to the main menu (New game labelled as book, achievements labelled as flower) so what can we gather? Somehow we have to save our daughter or a little girl might be the plot of the game. The pursuer will also have an identity though for now we only have the first three letters of its name – Gei.

Now also the title. Blame. Will the protagonist be someone with a dark past, someone we may not usually root for in a horror game due to his actions? There are so many possible explanations for being Blamed, though I think it might be a possibility it centers around his family.


BLAME is an interesting game and if able to fulfill its promises could distinguish it from other indie horror games on the market. Unfortunately besides a few instances, as well as the fear of the unknown at first and my first death, I never truly felt scared though the potential and ideas are all there, just with a few more improvements and polishing this could easily deal a terrifying experience. With the newest version coming soon, keep tuned and expect a complete overhaul from this version as evidenced by the screen shot below.


Leave any comments or thoughts on Blame in the comment section below!


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