Enola (2012)

Enola Cover

Enola is a horror game currently in it Alpha stage and created by The Domaginarium and is the story of a woman who washes ashore an island with no recollection of her name. In her quest to find her identity she will discover an evil presence lurking about, will you be able to figure out what is going on?


Enola: The Cabin Playthrough (Coming Soon! 08/05 – 09/05)

Ongoing Commentary

(Enola is currently in its Alpha Stage, currently Version 0.6, which can be played if you purchase the game. Or there is the demo which runs with the current Alpha engine. So information can be subject to radical changes. Also this focuses on the title, the demo playthrough explores gameplay aspects in deeper detail.)

Enola is a game that has us in control of a girl who after being transported from her home, must venture through a strange island to find her girlfriend Angelica. Now while on this island though you’ll start to notice and sense a presence, something evil. This is where Enola gets interesting, for the developers have opted for a horror approach to the game which will make no use of enemies. That’s right, there will be no combat as the game is more towards puzzle solving and creating a horror atmosphere without enemies, though there will be shadow men as evidenced by a latest update.

Now having played through the demo, the voice acting does indeed sound and is superior to most other indie games out there and I was totally convinced by the acting and the soundtrack does indeed seem interesting while playing through the demo.

Now the game is played through a first person view and combines elements of old school adventure games which means we’ll be able to keep track of clues and puzzles, some of these puzzles being dubbed Death Traps meaning that these puzzles if failed will result in death and not the ‘repeat through error’ puzzle solving. This is sure to keep the player on their toes as no puzzle can be taken lightly.

Official Site – http://thedomaginarium.com/enola.html


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