Hide Guide

Hello everyone to Lupo’s guide to finding all 5 signs/locations in Hide.

Now there are many ways to collect them all, though the addition of futher pursuers as you find more signs makes it harder, I would recommend to follow an order to make things easier, or you can follow the order recommended here. Once you’ve collected them all you’ve completed Hide and sit back and watch the final moments of the game. Like if you found this helpful and good luck!

Hide Cover

1. Cottage (Persecution)

This sign here is one of two easier ones to find. To find this location simply from where you begin keep moving forward. It shouldn’t be hard to miss and the sign is on the walls.

Hide Cottage

If you enter the Cottage from the opening through the fence, this will be right in front of you.

If you enter the Cottage from the opening through the fence, this will be right in front of you.



2. Forest (Murder)

The sign here is really tricky to find but what you should do is where you began the game keep heading left. Once you’re blocked off, it’s among one of the trees nearby, in the direction of the Lake.

Forest Sign Location



3. Great Tree (Starvation)

Easily missable sign, this tree is to the very left of the Cottage, north from the Forest and a little south of the Lake.

Hide Great Tree

Hide Great Tree Sign Location



4. Lake (Torture)

This is right in the middle of the lake, towards the further end where it is closer to the Church. Hard to spot though a little wandering and you’ll find it.

Hide Lake Sign Location



5. Church (Rape)

This is found at the very top of the hill and is stuck on the wall of the building. One of two easiest to find.

Hide Church

Hide Church Sign Location




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