Hide Review

Hide is a free indie title originally released by user shouldice on the Super Friendship Forum for a gaming pageant with the theme of Justice.

You will always spawn in this small clearing inside the forest.

You will always spawn in this small clearing inside the forest.

Now the objective of the game as well as the game itself is very simple. To find 5 ‘locations’ (though you’ll have to actually find 5 signs within these locations) while avoiding your pursuers. You find yourself in an ominous forest with sirens blaring behind you and light behind you light up the sky. Now is the time to run. Now is the time to hide.

The pursuers are people (or are they?) with flashlights which light up bright the area around them and they’re quicker than you so you’ll want to do your best to avoid getting anywhere near them. As you find more signs, the number of pursuers increase and Hide ramps up difficulty when it sends helicopters after you once you collect 3.

The game isn’t going to make it easy on you to find all 5 locations and while you must keep tapping w to sprint with no other controls beside the mouse to look around in first person, it sometimes seems as though the antagonists are too quick to evade once you find more locations.

The flashlights almost light up the place like stadium lights, well it feels that way when they fall onto you.

The flashlights almost light up the place like stadium lights, well it feels that way when they fall onto you.

This is not only the real difficulty for while there are the obvious landmarks where the signs could be found, it might be difficulty for most to figure out where the other locations could be as well as spotting them out, and they are indeed difficult to spot if your not looking properly. It’s a shame that the very pixel style graphics of the game hinder the player as they search for the locations.

The graphics of the game are unusual for a horror as they are very pixellated and in the area the game is set with deep snow it really is immersive as well as the heavy panting as you wade through the snow, indeed I would pause sometimes to allow the character to catch their breath. It makes you feel as if you are indeed trying with all your strength to escape and run away from these pursuers, which if they draw near, the screen becomes grainier with a red tint and if you’re too slow, the screen flashes to white telling you how many you found before the window closes, which is slightly annoying but thankfully the game starts up and loads very quickly.

Indeed the lights as they shine across the land really light up the area and make you feel as if you must evade capture at all costs. The darkness of the game and these lights which we don’t have (as is normally the norm) really work as they instill a sense of urgency and fear a title like Hide needs to work well.

They're getting closer....

They’re getting closer….

Now the pursuers are merely shadow figures but it is the sound effects that are used to truly scare you as pig noises and the continuous one key piano note playing over and over really immerse the player into this dark and cold world. Hide is a short experience as well as being simple so don’t expect nothing else from the game as well as an explanation of sorts once you find all 5 locations (though there is a hint to suggest who you and your pursuers are) but it doesn’t have to for Hide is meant to be a short different experience.


P – Atmospheric and immersive, pixel graphic design, sense of being pursued

C – Short and Simple, locations and signs hard to find and spot, sprint and movement seem to slow to evade fully your pursuers.

Lupo Meter

Fear – The fear to avoid capture and wading through the deep snow in the darkness otherwise there are horror games much more frightening than this one.

Sound – The sound works well and the effects really immerse you into the game.

Horror – On the run in a cold dark world from mysterious pursuers, unfortunately the length and depth of the game mean you won’t learn a whole lot more.

World – The pigmen themselves aren’t scary, merely their presence yet the world around isn’t your friend.

Final Words

Hide, while being a short and simple experience, is a fun immersive experience and with its graphics style, you can easily look over the small things and enjoy a trip into the pixellated dark cold world of Hide and try your hand for a short while to see if you too can find all five locations and discover the fate of the character once you do.

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