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Shadow Of A Soul (2013)


Shadow Of A Soul is currently being developed by Vivec Entertainment with the first Chapter aiming for a release this year, players will follow Jack, a professional thief who after breaking into an office complex to steal the blueprints to a new product something happens, as if the office itself won’t allow Jack to leave.


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Shadow Of A Soul is an upcoming indie horror game which is intended to be a trilogy with the first chapter coming this year, though the game has been plagued with delays and problems which has lead to this year now being the release date. Now there is an official trailer out titled The Room – and what we are actually seeing are the final moments of a man as he confronts the horrors that plague him here. Whether this is Jack, the protagonist, will have to be seen.

Now the developer has stated that Jack is stealing the blueprints in an industrial espionage operation only to find once inside the complex that sounds and visions plague him before he feels that something supernatural is keeping him here for now and we’ll follow him as he explores the place encountering many more horrors. Along the way players will have to solve puzzles, search for clues to uncover the mystery.

Now the developer has made it clear that the supernatural element we’ll be facing are ghosts and though the game is linear in structure theres a possibility that if a player where to die, then the environments would be randomised upon their next attempt. Unfortunately as is the nature with upcoming games, especially the horror ones, this is a lot of the information only available to us.

Hopefully Shadow Of A Soul finally finishes development where it will be available to play on PC, Mac and Playstation.


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