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Until Dawn (2013)

Until Dawn Cover

Until Dawn is an upcoming teen horror game developed by Supermassive Games and being published exclusively by Sony, where on the anniversary of their friends disappearance decide to spend a night in the isolated log cabin where they were last seen. Horror is sure to follow…


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An upcoming horror exclusive for the Sony PS3, the game was announced last year along with this reveal trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOiSosEiNyE.

The game is being written along with Hollywood and US TV writers all to create a game that is inspired by the teen horror movie genre. On the anniversary of a friend’s disappearence a group of friends decide to unwisely spend the night in the log cabin. The game will be a horror but also play on the classic traits of teen horror movies with no one else to be found, dead phones and no power. You’ll play as multiple characters sometimes alone or with a friend beside you as you try to figure out who or why you and your friends are being killed. The developers seem to hint that not all playthroughs are the same as you can reach the last stage with different characters alive or dead, meaning that there will probably be many plot defining moments as you play which will drastically influence the outcome.

The game, as well as supporting the dualshock controller, is Playstation Move compatible, allowing players to use it as a flashlight and if you want to use something, the developers promise the game will know how best to translate this from your actions in the real world to the game.

Until Dawn though remaining quite for a while is indeed still in development with a tentative release for later this year.

Official Site – http://www.supermassivegames.com/

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