Lupo 2.0?

It has been a long time since I’ve last published anything to do with Lupo, I’ve had other things going which did not allow me to continue providing fresh daily content as I had done for the months while Lupo was active. This isn’t a promise but a possiblity that Lupo could become active one again, maybe not on the same level as it was back in the day with numerous new updates in a single day but maybe much more consistent.


Despite the great period of no activity, the visitors only seem to have increased and I’d like to thank everyone who choses Lupo to help them out with their gaming needs. Be sure to like, share!


So could Lupo really return? At this point it’s hard to say though never say never. I’ll post again in the near future regarding the further future of Lupo, whever it will be reactivated or whever this wolf has howled it’s last howl (yeah, that was quite terrible, forget I said anything in that last part.)


LUPO 29/07/2014

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