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Lupo was made to inform the latest on indie games, with a main focus on horror though not solely, so whether indie or commercial, unknown or known, we’re aiming to bring you the latest news, editorials, walkthroughs, reviews, previews all to build the biggest up to date catalogue of indie games.

Look around now and join now, as Lupo only keeps growing!


If you’re looking to promote a game you or someone else is currently working on, email the official Lupo email for us to help promote the title. Or if you have found a game not present on the site and feel it deserves to be looked at send your suggestion in.

The official Lupo contact email is – Lupoentertainment@gmail.com

You can find Lupo lurking in the following places;

Twitter – https://twitter.com/LupoOfficial1

Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialLupo




The following is a list to help navigate and understand the site. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to message.


This section (found on the right of Lupo) is the collection of all titles, whether reviewed or being followed, every title every featured on Lupo can be found here.


Eye On is basically a feature for upcoming games, where these games will be followed closely and continuously updated, as well as being a page for the title. These pages normally have a few different sections;

What We Know – This takes on the form of a short list, summarising the features that are planned for the title.

Speculation – Looking at the material given, Lupo conjures up its own theories on the game and such. Who knows if you’ll agree or have your own take on something.

Ongoing Commentary – As the title says, this is a continuously updated section regarding the game and the thoughts on it.


Hello there,

Lupo takes a different approach when reviewing games. A point system or star system isn’t used here, instead after an analysis of the game, there are three final sections which will be explained just below –


Pro’s and Con’s takes a look at what works, doesn’t work in each title reviewed. This is a simple summary of the key points made during the review.

Lupo Meter (This isn’t used when reviewing non horror games)

So here is the system used here at Lupo. Taking the 4 elements deemed essential in a horror title, each one looks to see whether the game being reviewed isn’t only a good game but a good horror game.

Fear – Basically, was I feeling the tension, uneasiness, the dread as I was playing this game? Was I so scared I would hesitate before going into the next room? Did I jump out of my seat? If so, the fear worked in this game.

Sound – Any horror to take it to the next level, needs music. Music can change the mood, foreshadow, get our moods to a calm state before jumping out at us. But also sound effects are essential to not break the immersion.

Horror – As opposed to other genres, horror doesn’t need as much storytelling, back story or many events to be considered great. Nevertheless, a horror game has to have a good premise or idea that works well throughout the whole game without getting to over the top or resorting to clichés and this is what this section looks at.

World – A good concept and idea doesn’t translate to a believable world during play through. Are the protagonists real? Do the antagonists or monsters make sense and fit without sticking out  into the world? Is the world terrifying where we’re scared of the very walls or world around us? Is so the world of the game worked well.

Final Words

This is sentence or two with a personal opinion and to fully summarize everything talked about during the review.

I hope this clarifies any questions on the ratings system.


A collection of all the articles ever to be featured on Lupo. For now they are categorised under calendar months, though this will probably be expanded upon as more articles are featured.


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