This section is dedicated to collecting the articles written on Lupo. Keep checking back as more come forward.

May 2013

13/5/2013 – The Future Of – Silent Hill

7/5/2013 – Bethesda Announce Wolfenstein: The New Order.

7/5/2013 – Bethesda Close To Announcing Another New Title? Is It Doom? Or Wolfenstein?

1/5/2013 – Climax Studio’s Announce New Horror Game?

April 2013

19/4/2013 – Project Zwei Unveiled As The Evil Within

5/4/2013 – The Slender Man Effect Page 1 – 2

1/4/2013 – Lupo Q&A Session 1

March 2013

28/3/2013 – Lupo Lists/ 5 Eras In History That Should Appear In A Horror

23/3/2013 – Indie Horror – Future Of Horror Gaming?

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