Sunday Video – Bostom Bombings Dream Strange Coincidence?

Welcome everyone. This Sunday check out the video posted below, it’s a weird and crazy post made two years before the recent (as of time of writing) Boston Bombings.

Pretty crazy right?

The dream’s strongest similarities are;

  • The date of the post if two years to the day, specifically mentioning an anniversary of Boston.
  • The dream sounds very familiar if you were to read the Boston Bombings events.
  • 5 shadows appear, which were the eventual number of casualties.
  • Specifically mentions bomb sirens (though the poster types it as bombing sirens

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The Future Of – Silent Hill

Hi everyone, this is a new weekly feature where we look at games that have been through development hell, games or game franchises which have no sequel planned or series which you could call in ‘crisis’ whether it’s a divisive fanbase or direction game is taking, this feature will try to explain and give own opinions on the situation. If you like the piece or have any words of your own to say, don’t hesitate in liking or leaving a comment below! (Spoilers may follow so be aware of this now before reading on).


Welcome To SH

Episode 1: The Future Of – Silent Hill

Silent Hill. It would be very foolish to try to deny the impact the first two games brought to the horror genre and the first three are acclaimed classics. With 2 motion pictures, spin offs, dedicated fanbase and countless material inspired by the series, it seems strange then that Silent Hill for a long while has divided fans in the direction the games have taken as well as clearly lacking in strength, plot wise, gameplay wise and horror wise, in each subsequent release. Now with rumors on the next installment and a foggy future (see what I did there? huh? You know cos Silent Hill has…doesn’t matter) for the series, this is the point where the series can also truly evolve and deliver a classic. How? Read on…


Here’s just a quick history of Silent Hill for all those unfamiliar. For those who are, you may learn one or two new things. SIlent Hill 1 was released on the PS1 in 1999. The famous fog which is present throughout most of the game was actually included in the game to hide the technical shortcomings of the first title. unbeknown to them, they had just created the key feature which identifies Silent Hill from the rest of the gaming world and it’s hard not to (especially in a horror title) encounter fog areas and be reminded of Silent Hill.

Although the game was praised, the plot was very vague and even after multiple playthroughs, there was still the fair amount of head scratching, though the community revelled in coming up with theories and ideas to explain the game. Then came Silent Hill 2.

The protagonists of Silent Hill, each as memorable as the next.

The protagonists of Silent Hill, each as memorable as the next.

This is ‘the’ horror game, one of those horror games any fan must play through, exploring such themes as sexual abuse, murder, disease and the consequences it has on those around, bullying, it didn’t shy away from anything and delivered a strong plot along with one of the best endings any video game has produced. Besides the plot, the whole game was radically transformed and everything felt darker and much more dangerous this time around, with creatures such as Pyramid Head symbolising something important for James Sunderland and all the creatures in the series do indeed represent something to do with either the main character or the others involved. This element made each new game that much more exciting as you tried to understand each creatures place and meaning in the Silent Hill world.

Silent Hill 3 was the sequel to the first title and expanded on what Silent Hill 2 worked on as well as continuing the plot and explaining a bit more of the town itself this time around as well as having a female protagonist (the only so far in the main plot) and though not considered on the same level as its predecessor, is a classic in its own right.

Heather SH

This is where things for the series started to shake and eventually the events here would lead up to the current day. Silent Hill 4, despite the internet legend that the game was not intended as a Silent Hill game, was indeed Team Silent’s attempt at creating a different kind of game, as they had wanted to do with SH3 but a decision was made to tie up the loose ends of the first title, until Konami quickly decided to play it safe with a Silent Hill title.

This game has ultimately kept fans divided on its formula of gameplay and game itself and The Room would prove to be Team Silent’s last title as they disbanded soon after and this is where I guess the second part of the Silent Hill series begins.


Climax Studios, Double Helix Games, Vatra Games and with the release of Book Of Memories, WayForward Technologies, that makes four different developers between 5 games (Shattered Memories was produced by Climax Studios). Now a strong criticism of Silent Hill fans is the handling of the series in foreign hands as opposed to Japanese developers, as it was with the first four titles, when Team Silent worked on the games.

Now this isn’t a matter to do with where the games are made. Granted that the two different cultures allow different ways of storytelling and influences but the whole fact that people will solely blame the perceived decline of the series just because foreign = instantly bad Silent Hill game is preposterous.

The feeling of running away from Silent Hill

The feeling of running away from Silent Hill.

Looking at the title that have come after the The Room, we get Origins, a prologue to the original game and originally released on the PSP, Homecoming changed location to Shepard’s Glen and combat was a focus, Shattered Memories was a reimagining of the first title while changing completely the elements that make a Silent Hill game and Downpour changed the world with water, secondary missions and open world gameplay like none before. Looking at it this way, it doesn’t seem that the series has remained stale, constantly changing itself and how it tells its story.

No, the real problem here is that although these additions are surely welcome to the series and help it from becoming to stale, the constant shifting of the studio, not keeping stability between two titles and allowing the same team to continue, improve and expand on their work, means that ultimately each title is suffering more and more for the following reasons;


The story of Silent Hill, as the backstory and mythos of the town, cult and monsters is very deep and indeed there are many, many sites online that try to explain it all or look at the plots and try to understand what it all means (Silent Hill 2 taking the prize here) as people still have their own theories. Unfortunately, the series has hit a vicious cycle it seems it keeps repeating and can’t escape from. Let me explain a little more.

You see ever since the narrative power of SH2, the sequels have all been measured against the very high standards this game set, which is fair as every musician or actor is measured in this way by their best piece of work, so while this is okay to do, what the developers have seemingly done with each release is figure that seeing as SH2 story was so acclaimed, anything different should not be done and SH2 should be the guide to future titles.

Iconic moments, deep plot with numerous interpratations, Silent Hill 2 has been a blessing and a curse to the series, as no future title seems to have captured the power Silent Hill 2 has to offer.

Iconic moments, deep plot with numerous interpretations, Silent Hill 2 has been a blessing and a curse to the series, as no future title seems to have captured the power Silent Hill 2 has to offer.

This has resulted in each release’s plot getting weaker as a result, as well as the characters that populate the world, as each game tries to have a ‘shock’ or ‘twist’ ending which unless fitted in naturally and not placed there artificially for one, comes off as weak. Add to that each character keeps looking for someone or as was the case with Downpour, another woman police officer or the cult becoming a parody of itself (seriously when was the last time this whole cult thing was actually explored and not just teased or changed to suit the games own idea of it?

Also I have to say, the supportive cast of characters I feel should be kept to a minimum unless you can find a way to make it work. If you compare the supporting characters of Sh1-3 to later releases, there will only be one column with a clear victor. Improve the supporting characters, they aren’t there as part of the protagonists story, they should be part of the story.

Maria 01

What Silent Hill needs is, and this comes naturally as a result of stability, is a plot or content which is evolved in each title and connected to one another so it doesn’t seem like we learnt and explored it all for nothing with each release, the possibility of different type of protagonists (enough with the males in their 20s with very similar backstories! Why not have multiple playable characters, another female lead or someone younger or older?) and of course if one team works on something for a while, they can only get better which will help the plot of the title, which has become so uninspired and on a continuous downward spiral for years now.


The most obvious example of this is Pyramid Head. Initially used to represent the suffering and guilt and need for punishment by James Sunderland, Pyramid Head remains one of horror gamings, if not gamings, most frightening and iconic protagonists. Yet instead of trying to come up with a whole new protagonist equally as terrifying there has been an over reliance on this iconic figure. From having him appear without any real purpose besides fan service (Silent Hill: Homecoming, both Silent Hill movies) or the same basic character just slightly altered (Bogeyman in Downpour).

Pyramid Head

This holds back the series as instead of evolving and coming up with a whole new antagonist (how about a primary antagonist monster who isn’t a ridiculously powerful man with a covered face? How about a really feeble weak looking character who everyone fears for some unknown reason?) in each game, instead introducing us to the same old Pyramid Head over and over.

This can also be attributed to the bad creature design that has somewhat plagued the series since 4. Many of the designs (especially Downpour) have very bland, uninspired characters which make us Silent Hill fans feel as if we’ve seen it all before. How many more variations of the nurses and dogs will they keep adding into each title?

No the next Silent Hill game needs animators and artists who discard every monster from the previous installments and given the chance to create new creatures not in any way related to their predecessors. Why not have mechanical looking monsters or why not try to deliver different kind of monsters which need inventive ways to defeat. This might be drastic yet the series cannot keep delivering poor monsters, the essence of the horror part of Silent Hill, or clones of past monsters.

Silent Hill Monsters

Evolve & Horror

Horror, in the mainstream market, is practically dead. It enjoyed a high during Silent Hill’s strongest moments and the decline reflects the mainstream markets attitude to horror gaming. So why not inspire people to come back to this genre? Indie horror gaming is enjoying a golden age at the moment with so many new ideas and gameplay being introduced and experimented on. This is what Silent Hill needs to do, instead of trying to keep the name as a symbol of the best quality of horror game (which it isn’t anymore, in all honesty) why not try to evolve?

This could be from a different way to play Silent Hill, maybe switching from third to first person during the game, changing the feel and look of Silent Hill (everything except the fog though mind you), the way the game is played. There are so many opportunities the series could evolve yet it of course must keep the horror alive. You see this has been a key point of criticism for a long while for each release sees the combat taking away from that feeling of helplessness the first few titles offered. Shattered Memories tried something different taking a non combat approach, bringing a cold world, playing out the story differently, this is probably the only Silent Hill title which has done what I’ve been talking about, trying something new and while the formula hasn’t stuck it was a sense of playing a new Silent Hill experience, not game.

Shattered Memories tried and changed many elements of the series, yet it only stands good as a stand alone, not a game to expand and continue from.

Shattered Memories tried and changed many elements of the series, yet it only stands good as a stand alone, not a game to expand and continue from.

The whole gameplay and how you play Silent Hill must be completely changed. Yes of course it’s frightening for doing such a thing is very risky and could end miserably, yet without risk, you cannot evolve. Take for example the combat, you could keep that in, only have the weapons scare and only effective against certain monsters. Or instead of the person beginning in the real world before descending into Silent Hill and trying to figure out what is wrong, why not have them maybe a captive of the order who manages to escape only to end up into another nightmare? This is what the series needs, a need to bring something new to the table while feeling like you’re playing the Silent Hill ver. 2.0.

Fog Clearing?

The first film though different from the first was an enjoyable watch. Its sequel, not as much...

The first film, though different from the game, was an enjoyable watch. Its sequel, not as much…

2012 was a busy year for Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Downpour came out, after many delays, to divisive reception, the HD Collection (shamelessly labelled as such despite no Silent Hill 4) was released after much controversy of altering the voices of the protagonists as well as furious claims of a buggy, badly ported remastered port. Silent Hill: Revelation the sequel to the first film and adaption of SH3 was panned by most and finally Silent Hill: Book Of Memories was released, a Silent Hill multi-player experience which I’m sure in all honesty was the last thing any Silent Hill fan wanted or needed.

It’s a shame that such a year was ultimately a disappointment for Silent Hill fans, yet the question that every fan is asking themselves is ‘so what now?’

With rumours that the legendary Metal Gear Solid producer, Hideo Kojima would be interested in developing a Silent Hill title this could be a great breath of fresh air to the series from someone who has more than proved themselves that they can make a game. Yet even if this marriage between Silent Hill and Hideo doesn’t come to fruition, what do we want from the next developers.

Well first that they take their time with the game, using the previous installments as blueprints not as a step by step guide which they must follow or we’ll be playing the same old game once again. Hopefully the series will be developed by people who care and value the franchise who while listening to the fanbases complaints and suggestions, doesn’t mind shaking things up a bit, while the plot can’t be another retelling of Silent Hill 2 and the mythos should be explained as well as raising much further questions.

There are many sites and people who dedicate their time to explore and try to explain the mysteries of Silent Hill.

There are many sites and people who dedicate their time to explore and try to explain the mysteries of Silent Hill.

Also, to Konami, stick with the developers you choose and Konami, as well as the fanbase, give support and confidence to the title.

Or…or there could be two other ways for Silent Hill to go. One, it could be time to end the once great series, though I doubt this will be the case before at least another title is made and it would be such a shame to see the series go once and for all. Second, a reboot. Recently one that comes to mind is DMC, reboot to the Devil May Cry series, though this was handled poorly by the developers and the backlash has ultimately seen its effects as while not a bad game itself, the developers negative attitude towards their very fan base cost them dearly.

Whatever lays ahead for Silent Hill, it will forever remain one of horror gamings most famous and influential games ever created and will inspire many more future game developers, writers, gamers, movie directors. Who knows, maybe you reading this could be a Silent Hill fan who one day delivers a game, one which started many years ago when you first set out looking for a little girl or received a letter or discover your true self…

Silent Hill Group Shot

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Project Zwei Unveiled As The Evil Within

The eagerly anticipated Project Zwei, being worked on by Shinji Mikami, has been officialy unveiled today as The Evil Inside along with a lot of information, which can be all found here and will soon be put on the official The Evil Within page.

The Evil Within Cover


Being developed on the id Tech 5 Engine, the plot has been outlined.

– Sypnosis –

When Detective Sebastian and his partner rush to the scene of a gruesome mass murder, a mysterious, powerful force is lying in wait for them. Witnessing the killing of fellow police officers one after another, Sebastian is then attacked and loses consciousness. Waking up in a land where monsters are wandering about, Sebastian has to fight his way through a world of death and its close friend madness in order to understand what’s going on. Sebastian has to face his fears in order to survive on a journey to discover what lies in the shadows of that mysterious force.

– Features –

– The world is constantly morphing and warping depending on the players actions avoiding traps, which can easily kill a player yet be used as a tool to defend yourself against enemies.

– Limited resources will be available in a world that wants you to feel pure horror, with a world, characters and backstory aiming to secure that feeling.


– Official Trailer –

The Slender Man Effect

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Why Won’t He Leave Me Alone?

Slender Effect 06

Surf the web, you’ll find many great drawings, videos, stories and a lot more that the fanbase or even casual gamers have contributed towards the Slender mythos.

Now that Slender has established itself into the industry, the Eight Pages now a classic in its own right, so I wonder why is it that Slender became such a hit?

With indie horror gaming in a great period of form, Slender is popular for it is more than a game. It has developed its own mythos with a community, which works well with a horror game, if done and executed well. There is always a certain appeal if you manage to get the look, the feel, the story of a character on point and Slender fits this. Indeed the whole character is basically one of the Internet’s greatest myths and is just human beings what they do best.

In old times myths would usually try to explain the world or explain different actions and such, in a world where everybody is so connected and everything is available on the web, the idea of someone constantly following you, invading your privacy and for no apparent reason (playing on the old fear of the unknown) Slender is able to scare and terrify people for the other reason that such a person could exist in the real world. The idea and fear of a man with a force so great you cannot overpower him, in this day is much more relatable and believable than tales on fairies and werewolves. Slender also has no face, which makes sense for in history, if you didn’t see the face or know the appearance of your enemy, the stories and descriptions are much more likely to be exaggerated and more likely to scare you than bring courage out your courage.

As with many tales, myths and legends, every person has their own idea and opinion on what each character could mean or represent, why the events happened and people like to draw from their own experiences to imagine and describe certain characters. People love to analyse games, whether adventure, horror or RPG you will always find a group of people who look deeper into any game and Slender is no different. Indeed an example that comes to mind is Silent Hill 2, hailed as one of the greatest horror games ever, and while it has been out for a long time now, still has critics and fans wondering and conjuring up different theories on the game’s events. Whether Slender will have a similar lasting power remains to be seen, though I suspect he will stick around, due to people’s attraction and fear at the same time of the unexplained and horrifying.

So while, some may not be as scared as others, some may never pass the first page and this is where the minimal story along with the short time to finish the game, are its greatest weapons for everybody can invest a few minutes in a game like this, unlike others which need and demand a longer playtime to invest in the title, and whether or not you finish it doesn’t matter due to the fact that Slender is ultimately an experience, one that seeks to terrify you.

Slender Effect 08

Slender: The Eight Pages. Hate It Or Love It has become an important horror game.

So horror (not only) gamers and game developers alike, have found a good tool to use for their horror games. Now it can only get better as people start to expand on the original Slender idea bringing new terrifying entities to life along with new areas to get lost in. In the end, the true influences of Slender can only be fully examined after a bit of time has passed, as with any other game, even though it seems Slender has already found us, with no intention of leaving.


Page 1     2

Slender: The Eight Pages is available to download off the official site for free. Slender: The Arrival is available of the official site for a paid price.

*All artwork is the original work of their respective artists. Lupo takes no claim or credit to the images.

A big thumbs up for the artists work, they’re all great pieces!

The Slender Man Effect

With the recent release of Slender: The Arrival, the ‘sequel’ to the worldwide phenomenon that was Slender: The Eight Pages, players can dive back into the gaming experience which has inspired numerous clones, inspired many upcoming titles and has become a worldwide phenomenon, with the faceless, lanky, suited up man becoming synonymous with horror.

Why is this so? How did a character such as Slender, become such an icon and one that people fear? Why is it that many recent and upcoming horror games seem to have looked to Slender as the blueprints to follow? Why is the mythos of Slender so big and varied? And why is it that we’ll only see a rise in these kind of characters and games? If I don’t fall prey to Slender before I’m able to finish this article, these questions will try to be answered.

Slender Man Artwork 1

Maybe some questions were never meant to be answered…


Slender began as the result of a photoshop contest on the Something Awful forums, which began on the 8th of June 2009. The aim of this contest was to photoshop ordinary looking photos into disturbing and creepy ones, then pass them off as authentic to paranormal sites.  Two days later, a user by the name of Victor Surge unknowingly gave birth to a future phenomenon. Slender Man was born.

Two pictures were uploaded each with there own fabricated accounts, which still to this day, if you think of the pages and countless mythos that has been written, all share similarities with the original work. This normally follows writing which never fully references Slender, simply implying his existence, concerning disappearances and his stalking of his ‘victims’ bringing forth a very strong sense of paranoia. Below are the first two original photos with their accounts;

“We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…” – 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.

“We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…” – 1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.

One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as “The Slender Man”. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence. – 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.

One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as “The Slender Man”. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence. – 1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.

This soon developed into people coming up with stories themselves concerning Slender Man, a being nobody understands what he truly is and his motives. Due to the minimal information surrounding Slender, a great mythos has been easily developed, people enabled by the fact that any theories and speculation on Slender cannot be classified under right or wrong, if anything they add more to the mythos and will develop over time, so is the mystery surrounding the character which everyone embraces and doesn’t try to explain deeply, as is the case with most other video game horror characters or monsters.

Some examples of the mythos developing and becoming basis for future entertainment on Slender, involve the origin of the character being in Germany, originating from (fabricated) folklore that concerned a boogeyman called Der GroBmann. Slender also used to be designed, especially the early fan art as having also tentacles which has died down now to his present design or the fact that he can control people’s minds. Other theories such as how and why he hunts people down develop over time across the many blogs, forum threads and youtube videos, the most famous of which is Marble Hornets, which has since earned the youtubers invitations to write for Slender: The Arrival as well as a movie adaption from the director of Bad Teacher that will commence filming this spring.

But without trying to spoil the mythos too much, the inspiration of the character has possibly been linked to an adventure game series titled Chyzo Mythos, in which one of the main villains shares many similarities with Slender, such as the height, a blank face and although not a suit, similar looking clothes.

Slender Effect 02

So Slender started to grow, with more and more people throughout the web starting to stumble upon or read on the Slender mythos but to make that leap that would enable Slender to break it through to the top of horror and internet, Slender Man would have to wait patiently like no time before, for three years. Then on the 26th June 2012, quite at first as he as always done, Slender (later with the added subtitle The Eight Pages) came onto the scene.

He could be right behind you, right now...

He could be right behind you, right now…

The Arrival

So during a summers day last year, me and my brother stumbled upon a horror game that had been released on the 26th of June. At the time the popularity and awareness hadn’t fully taken off, though many were starting to take note of this game and spreading the word around.

So we quickly download the file and that night we began to play Slender. So simple was the game on the surface, I mean all we had to do was venture through a forest and find eight pages before this Slender Man found us and we were confident with a flashlight and stamina this game would probably be entertaining though nothing much more. So we clicked play and we were plunged into the forest.

Slender Effect 02


And we were terrified.

The darkness, the instrumentals only kicking in after you pick up the first page which steadily grew in intensity, the intense atmosphere that made you want the game to finish as quickly as possible, the landmarks which made the hairs on the back of our necks stand on end (who never cursed having to venture inside the dreaded bathrooms?) as well as Slender’s following animation (for those of you unfamilar with this, click here.) And of course the lanky man who at the mere sight of him had us panicking and run as fast and far away from him as we could, as the camera and sound started playing static.

So we realised after just how different this game was after playing it, for whereas a lot of games either had you confronting the enemy or running away from multiple monsters, this game had no explanation at all just simply stay away from Slender. The premise worked and soon after a snowball effect started as people started posting reactions on Youtube, started doing playthroughs and people were instantly hooked as that summer for gamers, you’d had to have been living under a rock not to have heard about this new game.

I think the fact that once you found out that this whole experience and game was nothing more than a demo, created by the readily available Unity engine and due to the creator at the time not able to produce a full title, made many gamers and developers realise something. That the route taken by Slender was something many of them could do, such minimal play if executed correctly could work to terrify people and draw them to download your game.

So soon after a wave of Slender Man clones started to flood the internet, where the games revolved around one pursuer and having to retrieve certain items, with game such as White Noise, Stalked, Haunt, The Wanderer, My Diary, Erie, 7th Street, Forest  and though some of these titles were good, others were downright bad.

The static that consumes your vision and audio distortion remain sacred in games that follow the Slender mechanics.

The static that consumes your vision and audio distortion remain sacred in games that follow the Slender mechanics.

Now there was a risk the whole Slender would burn out and though there are still many upcoming titles clearly inspired by Slender, they’re aiming to move away from these clones, developing their own mythos around a whole new character or/and trying to diversify gameplay so it isn’t only collecting a certain amount of objects. And thus a new sub-genre of gaming horror was definitely brought to life; the Stalker. Having one entity, unbeatable, who for reasons unknown will pursue you until you finish an objective.

So Slender has brought an unexpected impact onto the horror market along with influecning games many games with its ominous character, which will inspire many more in the future and be what many people refer to when creating their horror games. You ask why? Click on page 2 to descend deeper into the world of Slender…

Once he chooses his victim, he will forever follow them until...the inevitable...

Once he chooses his victim, he will forever follow them until…the inevitable happens…

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Lupo Q&A Session 1

Hi everyone,

I thought of putting up this post after a little thought and the site having been live for 3 weeks, with followers, views and likes that are much, much more than I could have ever hoped for so I am thankful to all of you.

Now let’s get back on topic. With this Q&A session I want to do a few things;

  1. I want to talk with any followers or people visiting what it could be that they find positive in the site, what could be worked on, what it is they want to see more of, such as more reviews, previews, features, articles etc.
  2. If anyone has gotten any questions such as what my favourite horror game is, what game I’m most looking forward to, what my favourite character is, Lupo questions etc.
  3. If anyone has got any questions on a game or to share an opinion on a game.
  4. Also to have the following opinions on some features I’ve been toying with which are the following;
  • Daily Update Area
  • Community Gallery (such as art of games, gameplay personal or collections that people would want to share)
  • A Page that acts as a chat between people (I know having a chat function would be ideal but for the moment this is the best possible.)
  • Expanding Titles pages so games of a series, created by same developers or browser games are collected in one group.

To post, post in the comment section below or send an email to

I’ll also take this time to give a quick update on some of the changes you may or may not have noticed of Lupo.

  • Two sections have been added; Articles and Community. The first is a collection of all articles and such, whereas the second is explained further on its page.
  • Moon Cycle is a new area of the site, dedicated to those game developers or creators out there, so go check it out if you are interested.
  • Lupo Guide helps you navigate the site, so check it if you’re unsure of something on the site.
  • Due to a very serious issue with my PC, the Uin Walkthrough and a couple of planned reviews are delayed until further notice, though I will work hard to make sure they are up soon.
  • The planned feature week is likely to happen towards the end of this month, realistically either the third or fourth week of April.


So what more can I say, except thanks for the support and to keep enjoying Lupo 🙂