Daily News

Welcome everyone. This new section is dedicated to better inform you and update you during the day. This page will continously update during the day with every bit of new information and new posts and after 6 days, the page will be reset.



Shelter Gallery has been added.

– We play through the Alpha Demo of Among The Sleep. What did we think of it all?


– Last hours for Among The Sleep and Dreadouts campaigns. Click here for more.

Remothered Gallery added.

– Huntsman The Orphange has officially launched it’s campaign for you to be able to win the chance to voice one of the characters in the game. Click here for the page.


Ildefonse page added, review and playthrough being published tommorow.

Forgotten Memories (Eye On) and its gallery have been added for this upcoming IOS, Wii U and Vita game.

Reus has officially been released, available now for purchase off Steam, Desura and more. Check out the Official Reus page for more.

inSANE (Eye On) – the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro horror game.

Blame Ver. 0.5.5 Playthrough now up.


Shadow Of A Soul (Eye On) – upcoming horror game centering around ghosts and a thief.

Until Dawn (Eye On) – the upcoming horror teen exclusive for the PS3.

Shadows Of The Eternals page added, along with a Gallery and Cast page.

Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter campaign now live.


– First episode of new feature called ‘Future Of’. This is a feature that looks at games currently in development hell or long running series before a new installment is out. The first episode focuses on Silent Hill. Click here to discover more.

– The Beta version of BLAME is now available. A review and playthrough will come soon.

Exmortis has been reviewed. Discover what we thought of it after venturing through the house.

– Hide has been reviewed. See what Lupo has to say.


– New title added – Hide. Included is a Guide.


– Gallery has been added to the Backworlds page.

Silent Hill 2 page has been added.

Silent Hill page has been added, including a soundtrack page.

Silent Hill Series has been added to Titles.

Dead State (Eye On).

– Wolfenstein Page and Gallery updated.


Gallery added to the Wolfenstein page and the A Short Tale Of Solitude page.

Tengami (Eye On)

– Darkwood page and gallery have been updated as well as the official Indiegogo campaign is now live.


Two new screens added to the STASIS gallery.

BLAME the official Lupo playthrough as well as speculation on future updates.

BLAME (Eye On)

Enola (Eye On)


Wolfenstein: The New Order (Eye On)

Bethesda title revealed as Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Future Unfolding (Eye On)

Bethesda teasing new title?

Huntsman The Orphanage will have online auditions soon for voice actor.


Shelter (Eye On)

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