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Tengami – Eye On

Tengami (2013)

Tengami Cover

Tengami is a unique game created by UK developers Nyamyam, a three person team, where players will marvel as a pop up world in a Japanese style along with it being set in the Japan of fairy tales, this is a visual stunner and interesting game coming this summer.


Ongoing Commentary

Recently in the United States there has a resurrection in the old played out debate that video games=violence. It would be foolish to argue with these people that games, first off, do not force a person to start climbing tall historical monuments or jump on innocent turtles and second that videogames can be art.

Tengami is the most recent example of how art can be combined with gameplay to create a very appealing game.

The game is styled and the plot draws inspiration from traditional Japanese art and folklore. This is all combined into a pop up book world, for instance if you enter a house, the world ‘turns pages’ to the house  and it becomes part of the world as you explore it. Words sometimes don’t do the game you’re talking about true justice and I would advise to watch the trailer (below) to fully understand this concept.

The Japanese influence is clear as the music playing is clearly influenced and the landscapes as you cross the world are wonderfully crafted. Now the game isn’t focused on action as the focus will be on puzzle solving, using typical pop up book elements to solve them so action orieanted game players will not find the pace to their liking as there are also no quests or levelling up system though there will be a main objective, though this won’t be told to us up front. The controls will make us of the IOS touch screen by double tapping to control the character and you will influence the whole folding world in this way.

And while this game may not be to everyone’s liking, you can’t deny the creativity and dedication in creating a title such as this one and I eagerly await as the release date draws closer to the summer where the game will be released on IOS and later on PC, Mac and recently announced Wii U.

Official Site –

Future Unfolding – Eye On

Future Unfolding (TBA)

Future Unfolding Cover


Ongoing Commentary

Future Unfolding is a game announced in December 2012 by Spaces Of Play.

While there is not too much information to go by, due to the game being very early in development, looking at the shot provided we can tell how the graphic style isn’t pointing towards realism but more an artistic feel so I suppose it would feel like moving art while playing this game.

The game is a top down action adventure into a world that is forever changing and survival is a must. It seems the developers intend the player to focus on exploration with no hand holding and leaving the player to discover  and explain what is happening around them.

Stay tuned as Future Unfolding keeps developing and updating, so will Lupo as we keep an eye on this game.


Official Site –

Shelter – Eye On

Shelter (2013)

Shelter Cover

Shelter is a recently announced title from Might and Delight, where we must defend our litter of badgers from the dangers of different environments in a uniquely crafted world.



Latest News

16/05/2013 Shelter will release a gameplay video soon and has released a few concept art pieces that can be found in the gallery.

15/04/2013 Shelter is officially announced, with its page on Steam and is aiming for the Steam Greenlight.

Ongoing Commentary

This is what I love the most about Indie gaming. You see, any concept or idea can be produced whereas bigger developers for obvious reasons (financial, not willing to take risks etc.) would never dare produce some of the games that indie developers have brought to the market.

The latest game in question is Shelter, from the creators of the platformer last year called Pid, which with cardboard cut out style of graphics will put into the role of a badger mother, who forced away from their safe and familiar environment must venture with her young to find new environments, though there are dangers lurking about. Now seeing as this game is focusing on animals, the developers have stated how they want to create a bond between the player and the family you will get to know and protect.  With no dialogue whatsoever, this is a game that will appeal only to a certain gamer though I’m hoping the experience if played through will be something that sticks with you long after, like Ico or Journey.

Now while there is little at the moment on gameplay, we do know for certain that it is a that the game will be in third person (possible first person?) with a single player campaign. The environments will be diverse and many and with its own art style, this could be a true treat for the eyes. While the other creatures and predators haven’t been announced, there locations will not be randomized and there seems to at least be a weather dynamic, meaning we may have to venture through storms as well as the sunlight. The developers have stated that while there will be a peaceful mood while playing the game, expect to keep on your toes in the harsh reality of the animal kingdom.

Since Shelter was announced only recently, this is a title any fan should keep close to as there is sure to be more updates soon on this unique title. Like or Follow to stay up to date with the latest for Shelter.


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