Sunday Video – Bostom Bombings Dream Strange Coincidence?

Welcome everyone. This Sunday check out the video posted below, it’s a weird and crazy post made two years before the recent (as of time of writing) Boston Bombings.

Pretty crazy right?

The dream’s strongest similarities are;

  • The date of the post if two years to the day, specifically mentioning an anniversary of Boston.
  • The dream sounds very familiar if you were to read the Boston Bombings events.
  • 5 shadows appear, which were the eventual number of casualties.
  • Specifically mentions bomb sirens (though the poster types it as bombing sirens

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Enola (2012)

Enola Cover

Enola is a horror game currently in it Alpha stage and created by The Domaginarium and is the story of a woman who washes ashore an island with no recollection of her name. In her quest to find her identity she will discover an evil presence lurking about, will you be able to figure out what is going on?


Enola: The Cabin Playthrough (Coming Soon! 08/05 – 09/05)

Ongoing Commentary

(Enola is currently in its Alpha Stage, currently Version 0.6, which can be played if you purchase the game. Or there is the demo which runs with the current Alpha engine. So information can be subject to radical changes. Also this focuses on the title, the demo playthrough explores gameplay aspects in deeper detail.)

Enola is a game that has us in control of a girl who after being transported from her home, must venture through a strange island to find her girlfriend Angelica. Now while on this island though you’ll start to notice and sense a presence, something evil. This is where Enola gets interesting, for the developers have opted for a horror approach to the game which will make no use of enemies. That’s right, there will be no combat as the game is more towards puzzle solving and creating a horror atmosphere without enemies, though there will be shadow men as evidenced by a latest update.

Now having played through the demo, the voice acting does indeed sound and is superior to most other indie games out there and I was totally convinced by the acting and the soundtrack does indeed seem interesting while playing through the demo.

Now the game is played through a first person view and combines elements of old school adventure games which means we’ll be able to keep track of clues and puzzles, some of these puzzles being dubbed Death Traps meaning that these puzzles if failed will result in death and not the ‘repeat through error’ puzzle solving. This is sure to keep the player on their toes as no puzzle can be taken lightly.

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Bethedsa Close To Announcing Another New Title? Is It Doom? Or Wolfenstein?

Bethesda have been teasing on their twitter account the gaming community with two images with the cryptic text ‘1960’ beside them. What could this title be?

Bethesda Twitter 01


Bethesda Twitter 02

Well, after The Evil Within, Bethesda though they aren’t developing the game are publishing it and thoughts of the next Fallout IV were quickly dispelled.

So what other games could it be? Of course there is the possibility it is an entirely new title of a franchise but I would think it’s either one of these two options. Wolfenstein or Doom.

For Doom, one of the most well known and received first person horror shooters, after the release of Doom 3 all the way back in 2004 (9 Years!) the sequel to the much acclaimed series has gone through development hell and has been the constant source of rumours from an unfinished title to a complete reboot of everything to do with the game about 2 years back. Id Software is currently in charge of development of Doom 4 and with its futuristic elements, this could finally signal the long, well overdue return of Doom to the gaming world.

Doom IV has been in development hell.

Doom IV has been in development hell.

Now while the futuristic elements would point to a new Doom title, I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this as the possibility of a new Wolfenstein, named by many as the grandfather of FPSs without which we may not have many of the FPSs over the last twenty years. Indeed last year was the 20th anniversary of the Wolfenstein 3D release, a massively acclaimed classic game. Now while the futuristic elements aren’t what identify the title (though there are certainly such elements) the date 1960  is close to the Nazi’s reign of terror. Maybe an alternate universe storyline or something along those lines could make sense with these new screens.

Which game is this one Bethesda? In any case, fans of one franchise will be excited and happy once the reveal is made.

Which game is this one Bethesda? In any case, fans of one franchise will be excited and happy once the reveal is made.

Either way, it seems Gamespot has the scoop on this upcoming title so stay tuned for once the big reveal is made.

Climax Studio’s Announce New Horror Game?

Climax Studios, for horror fans best known for their work on the two Silent Hill games Origins and Shattered Memories have recently put up on their official website six concept art pieces from their, as of now, unannounced title. The images show what seem to be puppets or dolls and the concept art seems to be indicating that this title will be Climax Studios at their next horror project. So what do you think? Do you think after their previous two efforts they’ll deliver a great horror game? Leave your comments below!

Horror moment and possible enemy.

Horror moment and possible enemy.

CS 03 CS 04 CS 05 CS 06

Two of the possible protaginists or characters with big roles?

Two of the possible protaginists or characters with big roles?

Concept Art