Sunday Video – Bostom Bombings Dream Strange Coincidence?

Welcome everyone. This Sunday check out the video posted below, it’s a weird and crazy post made two years before the recent (as of time of writing) Boston Bombings.

Pretty crazy right?

The dream’s strongest similarities are;

  • The date of the post if two years to the day, specifically mentioning an anniversary of Boston.
  • The dream sounds very familiar if you were to read the Boston Bombings events.
  • 5 shadows appear, which were the eventual number of casualties.
  • Specifically mentions bomb sirens (though the poster types it as bombing sirens

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Blackwood: Prologue Walkthrough

This is the Lupo guide for the web browser game Blackwood: Prologue.

Lupo suggests the player goes through the game once to fully enjoy the experience and use the guide to find any locations of Orbs or if unable to progress. Good luck!


You awaken wondering where you could possibly be. Now go to the right before quickly turning back to the left, where you’ll see a dark figure drop the 1st Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 02

Collect it and return to the previous area and head towards the couple, who you’ll identify as your parents, though once you run to them they’ll disappear in a cloud of smoke.

Blackwood Prologue WT 03

Now keep heading to the right until you see a person with a sombrero resting, who will ask you to retrieve their cane.

Blackwood Prologue WT 05

Now this is where the game suddenly starts to slowly shift tone, as when you turn to the previous area you’ll see it has changed with a tree with the person’s cane propped against it. Retrieve the cane and it should be simple now returning it, right? Wrong!

Turn back and you’ll see the area has warped and now blocked off so now keep heading left, past the tree, over the bridge and once you reach the watch tower jump down.

Blackwood Prologue WT 06

Now the game will change once again, the world will become cold and the pipe and drum music will shift into cold winds and you’ll realise you’ve somehow fallen into the very area you where in before…

Anyway seeing as the left is blocked off, head to the right where that dark figure from before has, well, devoured our sombrero friend.

Blackwood Prologue WT 04


After the cutscene, you’ll wake up in your home, relieved it’s a dream. Now before heading right go underneath your portrait and face the direction you’re facing in the portrait and jump up, leading to the 2nd Orb falling in front of you.

The 2nd Orb Location

Now head right to have that much needed drink of water and oh god, who the hell is that?

Blackwood Prologue 01


After being shot (!), you’ll find yourself in a place that I can only describe as a sort of yellow brick road (minus the yellow).

Now head left first and you’ll see three lights, which will turn on and off each time you pass them. The key here is to light them in a specific way so when you head left you find the 3rd Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 12

Now once you have retrieved it, keep heading right until you reach a bank. Fall down it and take a left into the small cave to retrieve the 4th Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 13

Now head right past the lights, which serve no purpose here, until you reach the lighthouse. Trying to turn back will only result in the return of the being from before. He will tell you to leave, answer NO, then when asked on your next destination tell him the Quarry.

Blackwood Prologue WT 15


You’ll appear at the quarry take the right, past the mirror, which will speak cryptically so keep heading right and you’ll see someone working here who will lend you his shovel.

Blackwood Prologue WT 11

It’s time to return to the docks and this time travel to the valley.


You’ve arrived at the quarry so keep heading right until you see another worker, who will ask you to dig up some holes on the hill. Return to the previous area and don’t dig the holes yet, so that you can dig up treasure and recover the 5th Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 09

Once you’ve done that return to the worker who will give you lily seeds to plant and once you’ve done that, the worker will thank you and lend you his hammer. It’s time to return to the quarry.

Blackwood Prologue WT 10


Now go the mirror and select the option to smash it, with your reflection’s last words being a warning on an impeding wrath due to your actions.

Blackwood Prologue WT 08

Now before heading back to the Valley, go right and return the shovel to earn the 6th and final Orb.

Blackwood Prologue WT 07


Go to the valley’s hill and watch the final cutscene unfold.

Blackwood Prologue WT 16


And this is where Blackwood: Prologue ends :(. Hope you enjoyed the short experience as much as I did.

Blackwood Prologue WT 14

Blackwood: Prologue

Blackwood: Prologue (2012)

Blackwood Prologue Cover

Blackwood: Prologue is a web based game that takes you on a journey as Costis tries to escape a seemingly dream world with strange happenings and inhabitants that foreshadow his future.




Play Blackwood: Prologue.

Blackwood: The Prologue Review

Blackwood: The Prologue is just as its title states the prologue to a full on game that the developer Blake Mann has in mind to make into a full game/series after a year experimenting. To describe Blackwood in a few words would be as more of an artistic experience with a lot of symbolism and a dream like state.

So let’s describe Blackwood in a few more words. A side scrolling game with artistic and beautiful backgrounds as well as the rest of the world which is a treat on the eyes. You start off with no information besides Costis unsure of where he finds himself and as you travel throughout this dreamlike world, you’ll see your parents begging for your help before they vanish, a strange dark figure, along with 6 collectible Orbs to find and areas which can change radically from one moment to the next.

Blackwood Prologue 02

So while the game experience may be short as I said before there is enough here to keep you interested including the collectables which need some thinking to figure out where they’re hidden or how to find them. The music as well as the world fits every environment well and when certain events happen, the choice of music is perfect for the mood and indeed helps this experience feel more dreamlike than ever.

At a certain point you’ll need to travel between two different places to progress as well as further understanding everything that is going on and ultimately you’re left feeling with a sour taste in your mouth as you’ll feel the game finishes to early just as you’re getting into it, which begs for a full version and hoping that Blackwood doesn’t remain a prologue.

Blackwood Prologue 03


Pros – Beautiful visuals, collectables, interesting world and concept and great mystery surrounding true meanings.

Cons – It’s only a prologue…

Lupo Meter

Fear – Though not a full on horror game, there are a couple of moments which are horror and one character that will make you worried.

Sound – Seeing as the experience is artistic, so is the music as well crafted including sound effects.

Horror – The dreamlike world works as you’ll probably be confused at first, just as dreams are meant to be.

World – The strange characters and forever changing world work well.

Final Words

Blackwood: The Prologue despite being a prologue and therefore not a very long experience still managed to draw me in, making me hunt down the collectibles as well as trying to understand what it could all mean (I have my own theory, though I won’t state it here for obvious reasons) and I can only hope that someday soon, we can travel back to the world of Blackwood in a longer experience.

Backworlds – Demo Playthrough

Backworlds Demo Playthrough

Backworlds has a demo out and Lupo is bringing you a playthrough, as well as a small review at the end of this piece. If you’re stuck at a certain point scroll on or if you haven’t had a chance to play the demo, try it out now.

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 01

Let’s begin.

Stage 1

The game starts simple enough with the narrator explaining and introducing basic mechanics such as how to paint the world, (hold down left click and paint away to reveal the Backworld, right click to hide it) A and D to move, W to interact with objects and Space to jump. Once you’ve awoken our main character, the first stage is quite simple as you’ll just have to reveal the Backworld to move forward before distorting the boulder to reach a higher level and you’ve completed the first stage.

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 02

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 03

Stage 2

At the second stage you’ll find yourself facing a green monument, use the Backworld and real world so that you can leap up the monument and reach the higher level. Now you’ll see a moving platform, what you should do here is wait until the platform is lower than the tree branch, then climb onto the platform and paint over the branch so that you can leap onto the branch before the platform goes through the branch. Now leap up higher and you’ll see a raised ground. Reveal the Backworld here and you’ll see another moving platform. You’ll have to time this right as there is only sky in the real world above you yet in the Backworlds there is earth so time everything right just as you did before and you’ll finish this stage.

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 04 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 05 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 06

Stage 3

Now you’ll fall into a new area and now you’ll be introduced to moving objects. Pave a flat surface so that you can move the green pillar and leap up onto the higher surface. Now here you should Backworld paint again just about all the area, now move the gold pillar as close to the edge as you can. Objects can be moved while humping so use this technique if you struggle. Now leap over the gold pillar and push the green one close to the ledge. Leap and grab the gold pillar and push it on top of the green pillar. Now move both of them towards the ledge to the right, before slightly pushing the gold pillar to the left, thus allowing you to step up both pillars before jumping onto the ledge. At the end push the pillar into its silhouette and enter the raised gate.

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 07 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 08 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 09 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 10 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 11

Stage 4

Here is a small stage and all you have to do is get the hang of how the ‘vents’ work in relation to both the Backworld and real world. The arrows and bright rods dictate how you move and I suggest getting a hang of this mechanic before progressing as finishing the next stage is essential needing to know how this works. Once that is done, move the green pillar backwards, while painting the wall above so that the pillar is pushed up and you can float away to the last stage of this demo.

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 12

Stage 5

Now this stage of the game is the final one and you’ll see a black beast circling around this area, with a locked heart atop. Here you’re supposed to free your protagonists heart from any doubt or such. Now you’ll see two pillars on both sides, they need to be placed in the silhouette but while they’re move. How to do this? Move to the left and start moving the pillar and try to get it swinging along the silhouette. Once you’re doing this, move on top of the pillar and make the pillar fly up, essentially locking it into position. Now the gate will open and once your inside pull back the heart piece to break the first darkness. Repeat to the pillar to the left, though this one is lower and you’ll have to time it right to get to the top and get through the gate. Pull back the heart once more and you’ve done it, the cat is ready to fulfill his dreams!

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 13 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 14 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 15 Backworlds Demo Playthrough 16

After this is done you’ll be presented with the option of two small short additional stages which basically just use the mechanics that were introduced throughout the game. Complete these and you have finished the Backworlds demo.

Backworlds Demo Playthrough 17


Demo Review

Backworlds the demo brings you an experience which includes the beginning of the narrative and brings you through 5 stages and two bonus areas,  as well as showing you the basics of the interactivity with the world. I must say that upon solving each puzzle and finishing each stage brings a sense of accomplishment and if you are into solving puzzles then this game will definitely appeal to you.

The world is colourful and though obviously not as many different settings were available, the variety makes me think that when we receive the final product, we’ll be pleasantly surprised. The music makes you feel inside this world and the narrator’s fairy tale rhyming fits well with the world Juha and Andres have created.

Now lets look at the puzzles. For if I were to sum it up simply is that although very enjoyable, there are instances where you’ll be wondering how a certain mechanic works and while it is great to solve certain things in a game for yourself, that isn’t enjoyable when you’re trying to progress and instead of having to logically solve a puzzle, you’re trying to figure out the very tools to solve the puzzle. That’s not to say you’ll spend to long before you figure out a mechanic but I think in the final version there should be a little more explanation.

Otherwise, the controls and paintbrush are on point and I’m surprised at how effectively the paintbrush works and the green colour makes it stand out against the world, though If I have one bother that is understanding the full paint area for I found myself sometimes having to pinpoint where I was going to paint to ensure that I could progress.

So after playing the demo, I am looking forward to this game as the world and idea of the paintbrush are really great and I genuinely enjoyed solving the puzzles and playing through this world, though I would suggest that a couple of changes should be made to make Backworlds a better experience. First, there should be further explanations to certain game mechanics and I think though the world was very beautifully drawn, it felt a bite empty with no collectibles or other inhabitants. If there were hidden collectibles or items as you progressed through different stages which you’d need to use your paintbrush for and other characters, the game personally would only benefit from that and make Backworlds even more immersive and enjoyable experience.

I eagerly await any further playable content from Backworlds.