Sunday Video – Bostom Bombings Dream Strange Coincidence?

Welcome everyone. This Sunday check out the video posted below, it’s a weird and crazy post made two years before the recent (as of time of writing) Boston Bombings.

Pretty crazy right?

The dream’s strongest similarities are;

  • The date of the post if two years to the day, specifically mentioning an anniversary of Boston.
  • The dream sounds very familiar if you were to read the Boston Bombings events.
  • 5 shadows appear, which were the eventual number of casualties.
  • Specifically mentions bomb sirens (though the poster types it as bombing sirens

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Ildefonse (2013)

Ildefonse Cover

Ildefonse is a free indie horror game inspired by Japanese, Korean and Spanish movies, the story begins in 1933 when Mr. Ildefonse betrayed by his wife and children goes on a rampage, killing all the tenants and himself in a fit of fury within the building. The game begins in 1977, as a lawyer tasked by one of the family members to recover a testament in the very place, now flats, where the infamous event occurred. Some say though that the place is still haunted from the events that unfolded back in 1933…


Review (Coming 18/05/2013)

Playthrough (Coming 18/05/2013)


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A Short Tale Of Solitude – Eye On

A Short Tale Of Solitude (TBA) A Short Tale Of Solitude Cover

A Short Tale Of Solitude is being developed by Phobia Entertainment and takes us into a strange, surreal black and white world, where we’ll follow Sebastian, a ten year old boy during the First World War who is sent to an orphanage after his parents suddenly die.

Latest News

What We Know

– Due to the heavy presence of children in the game, along with the isolation, the book ‘Lord Of The Flies’ was a key inspiration. Other inspirations were the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe among others.

– Possible names of other children are; Lucien, Giosnik.

– Game will probably be divided up into Chapters.

– You’ll be able to customize your sack puppet suit by changing the following; Physical and Mental Strength, Face, Symbol and Shoes.

– You’ll have your Inventory (called Bag) and be able to collect Files.

Ongoing Commentary

A Short Tale Of Solitude is the diary of Sebastian, a sick orphan who after his father died in the war and his wife from the despair of it all, is sent to St. Mark Orphanage in a click and point survival horror slasher adventure. The first thing that sticks out are the black and white non templates which was intentional for this game world. Indeed I find it fascinating and these kind of games which take a different approach are always welcome and with the setting and characters, feels like it works well.

Now the world of Sebastian is a strange one, we don’t know how or why he is sick but the world is through his eyes and it seems everyone is dressed up in a sack puppet, making the game world even more eerie and you’ll be able to customise your very own.

Indeed the rest of the game gives such liberties with many quests and routes to finish the game, each influencing deeply the outcome of Sebastian’s story and each time you play the game and start the adventure, characters that weren’t in one location will find themselves there, making each experience different.

Horror is a key element with the only colour present in this world is red for blood. This means that violent and dangerous situations will be encountered and it is whether the creators can pull it all off and balance all the elements well, without ruining the feel of the game, that will make or break the game.

The orphanage seems to be quite a big explorable world with places such as a theatre and salon present, as well as many rooms but the strangest and feature I can’t wait to learn more about is the mysterious panel, with four levers, each able to handle the scene. What this means and how it affects the world remains to be seen though with what we’ve got already expect it be something that makes this game even more insane.

Hopefully once out, this isn’t too short of a tale to finish, as there is a lot of potential here.


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Fat – Eye On (April Fool’s!)

Fat (TBA)

Fat Cover

Fat is an upcoming game being developed by Crimson Entertainment. They want to explore the recent issues with childhood obesity in the USA and the game takes on a horror/comedy approach as you are put into the role of Jason, an overweight 15 year old who must tackle the everyday hardships of being overweight.



– Platform title, along with ‘comedy horror’ moments as well as a strong social commentary

– Level Editor so you can post your own creations online.

– Customizable main character and actions influence the plot.


There isn’t too much to go on at the moment besides a few features listed by the creators and above. This game is in development for PC and X-Box Live and the developers promise that once out, there will be further added mods which will come for free, in Minecraft style.

Community – Moon Cycle

Hello everyone and welcome to the area of the site titled Moon Cycle.

Now what is this  Moon Cycle you may ask? Well, it is hard for anybody of any profession to get an idea at first out there. It’s very difficult to promote your idea and find others who share your vision, while having constant honest feedback.

Lupo wants to help you. To all those aspiring game developers or creators, or even if you know someone as such, listen close. Whether your game is at its earliest stage, where all you’ve got is a concept, drawings or a small demo or if your game is already well underway, Lupo wants to help you promote your game, give it its own presence on the web, give you positive and constructive feedback, Lupo’s personal words and have a medium for your title, here it is.

So, what do you do? If you’d like to send in your title, don’t dare hesitate any longer. Send your title to, along with the following;

  1. The name of your project (Don’t worry if you haven’t decided yet, as long as we can separate it from the rest).
  2. A short bio on yourself.
  3. A short summary of the game.
  4. An image for your game cover (basically to put a picture to the name on Lupo).
  5. Content of the game that you’re willing to show.
  6. Further explanations (if possible) of characters, enemies, settings, objects etc.
  7. What you plan to do with the title, any personal comments, any questions or assistance for Lupo and the community, in other words this is the part where you write down the future of the title and what you plan to do from here on. When sending this part you can specify which questions or such you would want to be published on the site or just to send to Lupo.
  8. Anything else you feel has been left out don’t hesitate to send in. I would gladly accept any further content, it would only show your passion for your vision!

So do this and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your creation up on the web, with support and help by people just as passionate as you. Any further questions can be asked via email.

Moon Cycle Titles

(Space N/A at the moment!)

Uin Walkthrough – World Two

You’ll now find yourself underwater somehow, there’s no worry as it seems Uin can hold his breath for an eternity, so now you’ll want to swim downwards and take the first left, then head upwards until you find the shell, saving your game which is essential at this point.

Uin Walkthrough 09

Now the next stage is a make and break point of the game. The dreaded coral maze, it is very  difficult and requires, besides a lot of patience and inevitable trial and error, for you to be able to navigate with the minimal amount of mistakes as every health bar is vital, through to the end.

The most testing part of this game and one of the most difficult I've had to navigate through

The most testing part of this game and one of the most difficult I’ve had to navigate through

Now I will do my best to guide you through this following part. So first off ignore the black blobs which appear, they don’t affect you. Now to navigate through the maze successfully, know that touching the coral will quickly deplete your health bar so if you start loosing health, immediately navigate to a safe area so as to limit your losses.

So, swim to the right and get as close to the coral as you can without getting hurt. Now you’ll want to swim upwards, quickly pressing left, then right as you’ll avoid the coral this way by shifting Uin’s body.

Now you’ll be on the top left of the maze. So from here, move right and upwards at the same time in a swerve motion so that you’ll be able to reach the safe pocket, before going slightly downwards and sticking to the far right of the screen.

Now here you’ll want to repeat the same motion as before, this time heading to the left before dropping downwards, this way completing the maze. It’ll take time and practice but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to pass through at a higher rate.

The maze complete

The maze complete

Now, be wary for you have to wait a little head right and you’ll see a fish’s head, swim inside and you’ll be able to enter a house where you’ll find your brother, who’ll be angry at you having killed the Animals up until now to get to this point, as well as talk cryptically about a ‘she’ that you can’t have.

Real estate in Uin, inside a fish

Real estate in Uin, inside a fish

Uin WT 15

Now swim downwards. If you take a left you can play a minigame to increase your gold level which is explained in the guide. Once you’ve finished, leave the area and head right, until you find land and keep on heading until you exit the volcano and find a boat awaiting.

Once you get on board, you’ll experience a flight sequence like the one before. Complete this and you’ll have now enter the third world, which will be explained further, by clicking next.*


(Due to a major issue with my PC recently, just about all files concerning the Uin walkthrough were lost, along with much more. I can’t promise for certain when the rest will follow but I aim to bring it as soon as possible.)