Imscared – A Pixelated Nightmare Review

Horror games are about putting your mind into a state where the dangers and sounds that fill their worlds feel so real and for a split second, the barrier between reality and virtual are broken as you leap, jump or scream and curl up in a ball with fear. Imscared is a pixel horror indie game created and developed by the Italian, Ivan Zanotti where you awaken in a room and you must escape a pursuer as the begin to doubt the game world and your very self as you dive deeper into the world.

Imscared 01

The controls are simple enough and you’ll have to crouch to recover items, such as keys, which I wish were more obviously noticeable for I spent minutes stuck at one point only to realise I had passed by the item dozens of times. This is one of the features of the game, there is no story behind it all, no reasons it seems for your actions and no instructions on how to progress. You’re simply put into the game and it is up to you to figure out how to progress but thankfully the game never leaves you feeling too lost which is a praise.

Now how can I best describe Imscared. Simply there your moving from one area to the next along the way finding the items that will allow you to do so. The design of the environments at times really suck you in, for instance the intestine rooms and how one area will change from darkness to light as you progress and the bleeding walls, which due to a good decision on the field of view being short, you’re basically heading towards the darkness and I think the developer did a good job of making this graphic design work well in a horror setting.

Imscared 02

There are times when certain areas feel a little too bland. I think the game works well for it isn’t set in only one location, instead there are many different locations and rooms, each different from the next and diverse which make it feel like your actually progressing somewhere unlike some other indie horror games taking place inside an abandoned – (add location here).

The audio unfortunately is not as strong as it could be and takes you away from the horror experience. I understand that the game is more psychological horror but with a few ambient sounds or music cues, the game could have been taken onto a whole other level instead most of the time the only sounds are the same footsteps. Imscared sadly comes short in this area where audio, especially in a horror, is so important.

Certain areas in Imscared are unnerving.

Certain areas in Imscared are unnerving.

Now to get to why Imscared is such a different experience and how the psychological aspect comes into work.

After believing I had finished the game with the message ‘The End’ before me, after a few seconds,I went ahead and closed the window but before I could choose the tab on Chrome, another one had opened in its place. One with a picture of the pursuer, looking back at me. Surely I didn’t open this did I? Then all of a sudden, ringing through my headphones was that evil malicious laugh. I almost fell out my seat as that sneaky bugger was somehow still haunting me. That’s when two messages appeared inside the folder where the game is.

One with an image. Another with a note, stating how it isn’t over yet. There are several other instances as this one and to tell you anymore would be ruining one of the best aspects of Imscared.

Imscared 05


P – Interesting graphic design, truly plays with your mind in and outside the game, fun for a not to short or long experience.

C – Items hard to spot, some furniture to close to each other, confusing at moments.

Lupo Meter

Fear – More than making you jump, Imscared is about doing its best to mess with your mind.

Sound – Sound effects work though I wonder if any ambient music or sounds would have added more fear.

Horror – More psychological than anything, don’t expect much story besides

World – The game plays with your mind both in and out the game, as well as the pixellated aspect having a fear factor of its own.

Final Words

Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare is a horror game that will unnerve you and put you on edge, everything unfolds well so our pursuer isn’t revealed to soon, the graphic design succeeds and the game’s great use of playing with your mind. Imscared a good game to play for a while though horror fans looking for scares and constant tension and fear should look for other games.

Huntsman: The Orphanage – Game Voice Actor Online Auditions

Huntsman Online Auditions Cover

Huntsman The Orphanage after announcing the opportunity for people to voice talent for the game, the online auditions have officialy started and from the 18th of May until the 31st, by putting up your reading of the script on youtube you may win the chance to feature as one of six possible characters. Check out the summary and guide for entry below or check out the official page here – .


Official Shadowshifters Announcement

We’re looking for great talent for voice acting roles still open in “Huntsman: The Orphanage” – a scary game set in rural Illinois, USA, in the 1800s.

The voice acting roles available are for orphan children that mysteriously disappeared one dark night back in 1898, when they were taken from our thread of reality and placed in a limbo of darkness and silence in an alternate dimension. The object of the game is for the player to save these orphans and return them to their own time and space.

The winners of the auditions will record full custom voice-over scripts (up to 10 minutes duration) with Skype tutoring from our scriptwriter and our director, have their name in the game’s credits, and will be publicised in our promotions. Links to the best work will be published right here on this page!


How to enter:

1. Download the official Huntsman: The Orphanage audition script here.

2. Record your best voice acting of the official script on your webcam or mic. Be as natural and believable as you can.

3. Upload your video to YouTube with the tag “Huntsman: The Orphanage Game Voice Actor Audition”. Yes, you can enter different takes. If you don’t have a webcam, just use this image to show on-screen.

4. Email the YouTube link, along with your name and city, state and country to:

Auditions close May 31st 2013. Please understand that Shadowshifters may not choose an entrant from this set of auditions if we can’t find the really great voices we’re looking for. But I know we will.


The roles available are:

A young Asian orphan, could be male or female, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young African-American orphan, male, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young Scandanavian orphan, female, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young Irish orphan, could be male or female, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young Italian-American orphan girl, sounds approx 15 years old.

An older woman, any ethnicity, sounds 60+.

Topia Online (Eye On)

Topia Online (2013)

Topia Online Cover

Topia Online is an upcoming 16 bit MMORPG currently in its Beta stage and scheduled for release on June 2013. Topia takes a sandbox approach where the world can be created by the player and gives ultimate freedom.

Ongoing Commentary

Topia is an MMORPG which takes on a sandbox style, with each player given complete freedom to shape and live the world. The game is in a Beta Test, which requires a pre-order purchase to be able to play. This looks at the basic information available as well as few words.

Main Screen 

Touching the slimy boulder will transform you into a slime monster, while a hatchet can be found to chop down the tree, introducing you to the most basic of mechanics in Topia, as well as showing the ability to transform into animals. Controls are the directional buttons with the mouse to interact with objects, though you must be close to them.


You are given the option from the get go to create your very own guild. I like how it is not merely creating a guild and that’s that, instead any guild you create you become master of and make fellow members your officers. The guild will receive higher recognition and growth depending on the players skills, with perks being rewards for this. A guild can only be disbanded by a leader along with its rules. This is interesting as your growth and involvement in the game will either allow your guild to be either the best or the worst.


There are five modes it seems; the normal mode, a capture the flag mode, a tower like defense game, a hardcore mode and a mode where you must harvest and defend a farm.

Final Words

Topia seems to be an exciting new prospect and the design is appealing. There isn’t too much information available but a major downside to this game is that just to play the Beta alone is 25$. Now don’t get me wrong, if a game is worth it, I will invest in it but having to play simply the Beta by buying a product I don’t know too much about won’t appeal to the majority though there will be no monthly description as stated by the developers. Nevertheless Topia Online is a game that deserves your attention as we could be unknowingly looking at the next big online game.

Official Site –

Seedling Review

What can I say after defeating Seedling? All I can say is that it is a crime that a gem of a game such as this, capable of drawing you into its world, making you think to solve puzzles in a wonderfully made and visually stunning world, is not well known and on every RPG/Adventure fans to play list. Seedling will take a good amount of time to finish and you could compare it to The Legend Of Zelda or Dragon Warrior or indeed any retro dungeon game, bringing a sense of nostalgia for older gamers yet newer gamers will discover a game that despite the old school graphics can measure up to the best that most paid for games have to offer.

Seedling 04

Seedling begins with our birth from the wind and immediately we are sent on our first quest through a basic dungeon, with no weapons or equipment to help us, until we recover our first item of the game, the Sword. From that point on the world opens to us with a lore of its own and a quest to recover a seed needed for our Oracle, a cyclops who meditates in a house and seems to be the b figure of the game. To be able to retrieve the seed, you must battle the Creatures of Relics, each with their own unique dungeons.

Seedling 02

So from then on the world and its dungeons are open to us, though many places are at first blocked off due to the need of different power ups, which you can tackle in any order and with no hand holding whatsoever.

filled with many different characters, each adding to the mythos of the story and helping you feel like this world has always existed and you’re just playing a part in it, which any good adventure game has to be able to pull off for it be more than just an average game. Seedling does this well as you’ll find typical inns, statues depicting moments in the history of the world and unique characters such as another Seedling alone in a cavern stating he will bring destruction to the world. Seedling may ask of you more than one playthrough so you don’t miss anything and trust me, there is a lot going on in the world that it can get overwhelming.

Seedling 01

Each dungeon is unique, whether it be the sound, the layout, the monsters or the unique boss inside, you’ll have a hard time forgetting each dungeon from towers to volcanic underground to the cold winds of the north. Add to this the fact that there is a day and night cycle and the world feels very much alive. I also liked how as you progressed through each dungeon, they got increasingly  more challenging to complete, not difficult, but challenging which makes Seedling an enjoyable experience and though you may ‘die’ many times, it will never put you off from the game.

Talking about health, you will only have three health bars, though these are charged up every time you leave or enter a different area and if you die you’re transported to the entrance of the area you came from. This approach works well and would have decreased the fun playing Seedling if done any different way. Your inventory stores the many items you will collect during your quest with assignable buttons to the weapons you will obviously find. Unfortunately the combat falls a little flat, with simple button mashing of the attack buttons capable of killing most enemies, with only one or two needing some sort of strategy to defeat.

Seedling 03

Talking about strategies to defeat monsters, once you reach the end of every dungeon, you will encounter a unique boss, each wonderfully made and each with their weaknesses and strengths and you will have to solve how best to use the environment or weapons at your disposal to conquer them. Aside one or two battles falling kind of flat due to their simplicity, the battles are memorable.

Aside from exploring every dungeon, with their own puzzles which grow in difficulty from how best to move a block without getting it stuck to running away from Indiana Jones like boulders which follow you, there are also many gold chests scattered across the world which require in many cases even more thinking to figure out how to reach them. Each one fills up a piece of a puzzle and are necessary if you want to get an alternate ending.

Seedling 06

If there is one small gripe I had with Seedling was that sometimes upon receiving a new item, either I had no clue which area I would have to go to next or I had passed by the area before and completely forgot about it. The world isn’t too large and you’ll probably remember soon enough where to head off to, though a map of sorts would have been appreciated.

The sound itself, due to my days of Pokemon and Gameboy games, takes this approach and it works well, with each dungeon having a different tone to it, from sinister to fast paced, every area in this world has its own piece and the sound effects also never take away from the experience as they are all clear and on point.

Once you’ve done playing Seedling, along with a question or two posed towards the player depending on the ending you receive, you’ll have ventured through many different lands, collected many different coloured keys to open pathways, met witches, battled golems and plants, conquered legends and then…then you go back. For this is what these kind of games are capable of, making you want to repeat the experience, hopefully to be surprised once gain and marvel at the world as you notice smaller details.

Seedling 05


Pros – A lot to do in an engaging world that pulls you in, dungeons and bosses are unique and wonderful, challenging, collectibles, two endings, a charm of its own.

Cons – Combat simple, no map or guidance can at times be confusing as you search for the next place to go to.

Final Words

Seedling is a free online game that will offer more excitement, more dungeons to explore, more to think about, more collectibles and more story to it then most games that need to be paid for. Not only that the games design and world will draw you in and you will have a quite long and challenging experience. This is what games are meant to be, fun to play with a rich world and one that once you finish without hesitation you go back to replay to finish it all up and make sure you have soaked in as much of this world as you can.


Seedling is available to download or play online. While there is no save feature rest assured your browser will save your progress.

Uin Walkthrough – World One

Welcome to the Lupo Official Walkthrough to Uin.

A portal in your cupboard, why not go through it?

A portal in your cupboard, why not go through it?

It is best to combine the following walkthrough with the Guide as this guide will skip enemy tactics and explaining controls.

Now for a couple of tips.

You’ll want to charge full up on your basic weapon dubbed Erase whenever you get the chance. This is due to a slow reloading time and the constant spawning of Animals, so whenever you find yourself in an area with no Animals spawning, charge up.

Another word before we start. Ultimately to complete the game you must destroy every single animal until none are left in your item screen. In this guide we will go the route of clearing every possible enemy in every stage we meet, though it is up to the player to decide how they would want to approach the game.

So once your ready, let’s begin!

The journey to return back home begins.

The journey to return back home begins.

The game begins with a brief cutscene before you will find yourself inside a hut of some sort, your only way out is lost to you so now you must find your Brother and a way out. Charge up your erase and start heading left.You’ll encounter Moles and Capybaras at this point with only the first beatable at this point in the game. Keep heading left until you meet a tall figure, who we’ll call Saxophone Guy, who will ask you to help him look for an item he needs and he wants you to dig it up.

You scratch my back, I'll scracth yours, why can't people just help without wanting something for once?

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, why can’t people just help without wanting something for once?

So let’s find our item now.  There will be a shell next to him. These shells, once hit, will save your game and sometimes warp the environment in the previous area. So hit the shell and return back to the previous area, which you’ll notice has been flooded with a lake.

Jump into the lake and you’ll sink underneath falling into an Underground Place. Now, it is essential at this point of the game to kill off every last Tarsier to gain the Dig ability, so don’t go left for now and stick with killing the Tarsier. Once you’ve done this, you will gain the Dig ability so now it’s time to return to the surface.

Go right and you’ll enter an area with a save point and a giant sun.

The Sun offers no new light on Uin's situation.

The Sun offers no new light on Uin’s situation.

For now jump down and you’ll find yourself back in the hut you started in earlier. Now head left once more, this time though stop at the area which has a disturbed surface. Stand atop and dig, doing so you’ll retrieve the Guy’s saxophone. You may want to lower Mole numbers as it can get frustrating trying to dig and move about with Moles and Capybaras constantly attacking you.

Once you have the saxophone return to the Guy and he will give you a new ability – Push.

The guy will keep playing his Sax, cos that's all one needs in such a world.

The Guy will keep playing his Sax, cos that’s all one needs in such a world.

Besides this you now have an option to buy map pieces from him at 100 gold a piece. To gather gold, dig at any random point and you’ll find different amounts of gold, though places with gold are random as well. Now that we’ve got the Push ability it’s time to venture down underground again.

This time take a left until you’ll see a Nuthach guarding its egg. Now, remember that sun before? Good, because you’ll need it to defeat it and get that egg, so charge up, stand as far to the left as you can and fire a shot. This will trigger the Nuthach into attacking you.

A Mother's instinct, the first trial of Uin.

A Mother’s instinct, the first trial of Uin.

Now every time you hit him, you stun him temporarily before he zooms at you again, The personal recommendation is to shoot, run as far as you can to the left, turn round and wait for him to get real close, fire and repeat. Your ammo should be enough to reach the sun room. If you find yourself failing keep going as you’ll get the hang of the timings pretty soon.

Now once at the Sun Room run towards the shell, not firing at it and avoid falling down. The Nuthach will zoom towards you before being sucked into the Sun. Now head back towards the egg and Push the egg back towards the Sun Room. Now fire at the shell and push the egg to the left, the area will have warped with stalactites falling to the floor. Push the egg under these, leading to it being cracked and out comes a Nuthach chick. Now jump onto the chick to ride it, press left and right in turn to veer in those directions for flight and return to the Sun room.

The mighty steed, the Nuthach chick.

The mighty steed, the Nuthach chick.

Warp the area again and keep heading left, until you reach the Nuthach area and keep flying on.

Now you’ll find yourself in flight, as Animals keep flying and attacking you. Flight is easier to control and Erase charges up quicker, though the speed and Animals flight may pose a challenge. Once you have cleared this stage of Animals, head downwards when you see the arrow prompt and the chick will fly over a volcano, dumping you inside.

In another moment down went Uin, never once considering how in the world he was to get out again.

In another moment down went Uin, never once considering how in the world he was to get out again.

Well done! You have completed the first part of Uin. Click next for the following part in the walkthrough.


The House

The House (2005)

Play The House


The House is a browser horror game concerning an abandoned house where the entire family back in 1970, committed suicide. It is up to you to investigate and discover the truth of the events that transpired that ill-fated night.

The House Title

The House is a web horror game (link available below), produced by Sinthai Studios, The House is a short point and click adventure as you seek to unravel the mystery at hand. You are given five rooms to investigate; they are the dining room, bathroom, kitchen, living room and the corridor.

You are then given normally two different items to interact with in each room, each one triggering a scene or informing you on events that transpired towards the night in question. The game does a good job of introducing you to the game as menacing pianos play over and over, which works well at first though if you take some time in figuring out the first room, it may prove irritating more than anything.

The game is symbolic of the causes of death, such as the first room, being the dining room, you pick up a picture drawn by a child depicting a brother and sister with their two parents. You click on the four members of the family, until a ball falls into the room. Interact some more and the ball will pop and so will the picture morph into glass and smash, the hole going right through the boy’s head. The House doesn’t explicitly tell you the causes of death and it is up to you to piece everything together.

The first of many clues...

The first of many clues…

Gameplay is simply clicking on one item then moving back and forth as each interaction changes, though sometimes it felt or nothing would change or the game would hold out on the next interaction to get you with a jump scare, which are less effective than the ones which seem to happen at random.

Each room has its certain uniqueness. One room you may hear thunder, the other you hear nothing more than water dripping or the sound of a ticking clock. It creates a good atmosphere and once you get closer to finishing each room, your heart beat increases before you discover the fate of each family member and due to the real photos used, it adds an extra sense of eerie and some content is best not for those with a weak heart.

– P&C –

Pros – Genuine creepiness of it all, events unravel well.

Cons – Gameplay mechanics, unsatisfying conclusion.

– Lupo Meter –

Fear – You will make yourself jump playing this game.

Sound – Sounds are disturbing and with headphones on, makes it that more terrifying.

Horror – Family commits suicide, investigate the old abandoned house… Though the twist was a pleasant surprise.

World – Not for the faint hearted. Some objects you’ll have to interact with help create fear.

Final Words

The House makes you feel you’re inside the very house you’re investigating, though a moment or two (the ending is laughable) ruin immersion. If you’re a fan of point and click, you’ll probably enjoy The House though if you need more interaction and action, choose another title.