Huntsman: The Orphanage – Game Voice Actor Online Auditions

Huntsman Online Auditions Cover

Huntsman The Orphanage after announcing the opportunity for people to voice talent for the game, the online auditions have officialy started and from the 18th of May until the 31st, by putting up your reading of the script on youtube you may win the chance to feature as one of six possible characters. Check out the summary and guide for entry below or check out the official page here – .


Official Shadowshifters Announcement

We’re looking for great talent for voice acting roles still open in “Huntsman: The Orphanage” – a scary game set in rural Illinois, USA, in the 1800s.

The voice acting roles available are for orphan children that mysteriously disappeared one dark night back in 1898, when they were taken from our thread of reality and placed in a limbo of darkness and silence in an alternate dimension. The object of the game is for the player to save these orphans and return them to their own time and space.

The winners of the auditions will record full custom voice-over scripts (up to 10 minutes duration) with Skype tutoring from our scriptwriter and our director, have their name in the game’s credits, and will be publicised in our promotions. Links to the best work will be published right here on this page!


How to enter:

1. Download the official Huntsman: The Orphanage audition script here.

2. Record your best voice acting of the official script on your webcam or mic. Be as natural and believable as you can.

3. Upload your video to YouTube with the tag “Huntsman: The Orphanage Game Voice Actor Audition”. Yes, you can enter different takes. If you don’t have a webcam, just use this image to show on-screen.

4. Email the YouTube link, along with your name and city, state and country to:

Auditions close May 31st 2013. Please understand that Shadowshifters may not choose an entrant from this set of auditions if we can’t find the really great voices we’re looking for. But I know we will.


The roles available are:

A young Asian orphan, could be male or female, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young African-American orphan, male, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young Scandanavian orphan, female, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young Irish orphan, could be male or female, sounds up to 15 years old.

A young Italian-American orphan girl, sounds approx 15 years old.

An older woman, any ethnicity, sounds 60+.


Ildefonse (2013)

Ildefonse Cover

Ildefonse is a free indie horror game inspired by Japanese, Korean and Spanish movies, the story begins in 1933 when Mr. Ildefonse betrayed by his wife and children goes on a rampage, killing all the tenants and himself in a fit of fury within the building. The game begins in 1977, as a lawyer tasked by one of the family members to recover a testament in the very place, now flats, where the infamous event occurred. Some say though that the place is still haunted from the events that unfolded back in 1933…


Review (Coming 18/05/2013)

Playthrough (Coming 18/05/2013)


Official Download Page –

Forgotten Memories – Eye On

Forgotten Memories (TBA)

Forgotten Memories Cover

Forgotten Memories is an upcoming psychological horror game for the Vita, IOS and Wii U, developed by Psychoz Interactive. Players will play as inspector Rose Hawkins on the case for a missing girl and it will lead her to Walker psychiatric hospital, abandoned years ago and where Rose will have to confront her weaknesses and fears.



Latest News

– 13/05/2013 – New gameplay video released on the official channel. (Check out the gallery for the video.)

What We Know

  • The game will be around 10 hours long.
  • There will be at least two playable characters, with more available.
  • Two inventories, one quickly accessible for healing, quick interactions, change weapons or use items, with the second inventory being for maps, notes, game options and item combinations and descriptions.

Ongoing Commentary

It’s not often you get a horror title being developed for the Vita, Ipad and Iphone that looks this good, interesting and exciting.

Forgotten Memories, announced in 2009, is being developed on the Unity engine and is being scheduled for release for the IOS and Wii U. The premise of the game is simple enough, you play as an inspector who must find Eden Swank, a young girl who has managed to escape from her kidnappers only to be stuck in this hospital. You’ll be playing as Rose Hawkins alongside her partner Nathan Howard as they too venture into this abandoned hospital, which they’ll find is full of horrors like they’ve never imagined.

Now the developers have stated that the game will mix both elements of classic and modern survival horror games, with a fear system at the core of gameplay. Add to this that there will be multiple characters who will fight beside you, each with their own personalities and weaknesses, and stand by you as you try to solve riddles and puzzles of this place as you inspect the hospital. Boss battles are further promised as well as confronting enemies.

Also it seems Eden may not be the only victim of this kidnapping as it seems there will be others who use their environment to avoid confrontation and stay alive. To what degree we have to interact with them or how many others there are remains to be seen.

Shadows are one of the enemies you can see during the most recent gameplay footage released (check out the gallery) and they will cover their weak spots if you try to aim at them, they react to light thanks to the dynamic light and shadows of the title. Only small concern is that in the gameplay trailer they seemed a little to slow though I’m sure this is just an early build and the final version will have much more fierce and quicker enemies.

Anyway like or comment if you’ve got anything to say and be sure to keep following this page as Forgotten Memories furthers its developement and nears its release date.

Official Site –

Hide Guide

Hello everyone to Lupo’s guide to finding all 5 signs/locations in Hide.

Now there are many ways to collect them all, though the addition of futher pursuers as you find more signs makes it harder, I would recommend to follow an order to make things easier, or you can follow the order recommended here. Once you’ve collected them all you’ve completed Hide and sit back and watch the final moments of the game. Like if you found this helpful and good luck!

Hide Cover

1. Cottage (Persecution)

This sign here is one of two easier ones to find. To find this location simply from where you begin keep moving forward. It shouldn’t be hard to miss and the sign is on the walls.

Hide Cottage

If you enter the Cottage from the opening through the fence, this will be right in front of you.

If you enter the Cottage from the opening through the fence, this will be right in front of you.



2. Forest (Murder)

The sign here is really tricky to find but what you should do is where you began the game keep heading left. Once you’re blocked off, it’s among one of the trees nearby, in the direction of the Lake.

Forest Sign Location



3. Great Tree (Starvation)

Easily missable sign, this tree is to the very left of the Cottage, north from the Forest and a little south of the Lake.

Hide Great Tree

Hide Great Tree Sign Location



4. Lake (Torture)

This is right in the middle of the lake, towards the further end where it is closer to the Church. Hard to spot though a little wandering and you’ll find it.

Hide Lake Sign Location



5. Church (Rape)

This is found at the very top of the hill and is stuck on the wall of the building. One of two easiest to find.

Hide Church

Hide Church Sign Location




Hide (2011)

Hide Cover

Hide is a first person horror game created with the theme ‘justice, in mind, players wade through the snow in a wonderful pixellated world as sirens blare in the distance and pig sounded pursuers with flashlights hunt you down, you must find 5 signs before it’s too late, while trying your best to stay hidden.



Hide Guide


Space – Duck and Hide

W – Keep tapping to sprint.

Official Download Page –