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Dead State (2013)*

Dead State Cover

Dead State is an upcoming RPG set at the dawn of a zombie apocalypse. You must try to survive with a shelter, looking for resources, stringing up alliances with people you do and don’t trust as humanity faces extinction and the world slowly crumbles. And in this world of the survival, only the strongest can survive and it may not be the zombies after all that will be your greatest threat…


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Zombies. Something about the allure of it all is the reason why T.V, Film and Games keep coming out and the demand for material on the subject keeps staying high. If it helps to inspire and produce games such as Dead State, keep them coming.

Dead State has us on the eve of a virus outbreak, signalling an outbreak of zombies in the fictional town of Splendid, Texas and what the developers intend to do is to create a world and immerse the player into a world where the realities as well as how you’d survive socially are explored.

The game makes use of a view that is isometric and the characters line of sight, switching between the two to undoubtably create a different gaming experience. You’ll be able to customise your character when you start as well as improve them during gameplay.

The zombies, though the game takes place during an outbreak, will not be the main threat to the player as they’ll only be strong in numbers and such numbers only gather the more people in an area. This means that other groups of survivors besides your own will have to be interacted with and this is the main focus of the game, your group. Your group will be stationed at the base which is a school (though we may be able to acquire new bases later on?) and keeping these survivors happy will be your main goal as crisis situations may occur within your group and it’ll be up to you to make the decisions that can affect you all. These zombies will be your typical slow moving walking dead though there may be a surprise or two, who knows.

Now the loosing conditions are interesting as even if you’re bitten you can still survive due to antibiotics, though there’ll be a mode to disable this for all you hardcore gamers or losing control of your base of operations. Ultimately this truly is about people living through a zombie outbreak threat not dealing with the threat and saving the world.

Seeing as the game is about survival, the gameplay reflects this in its non linearity and the world of Dead State will be entirely explorable and you can return to the story, written by the writer of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, at any time which will give a great sense of freedom.

Now the combat is turn based, meaning you’ll be shouting orders to you and your allies, as well as equipping them and making sure they stay to fight, for low morale and other factors can change their loyalty on the battlefield, so this style of combat may not be to everyones liking.

Of course though you’d never be able to explore the world weak as you are at the beginning of the game, which is why there’ll be the following skills you can improve, though they can’t be all maxed out during one playthrough; survival, mechanical, melee, ranged, medical, science, negotiation and leadership. Add to this the presence of  4 Stats which will can be improved as you earn experience until you get a skill point to use to improve your Strength, Agility, Vigor and Perception improving your character speed and total weight you can carry among other improvements.

Now to get to the intriguing promised aspects of Dead State. The developers have stated the use of several new mechanics as well as claimed high A.I, which will allow human enemies to devise tactics, fellow survivors to react realistically in combat. Also they promise that zombies will react to sound and resource management amongst your group will allow swift organisation. It’ll be interesting to see all this in action once DoubleBear productions is ready.

*Dead State is tentatively due to be released in the 4th quarter of 2013 though this is subject to change and is being developed for PC.

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BLAME (2013)

Blame Cover

BLAME is a game currently in development by CaseyVenn, the game is a first person survival horror story where you must collect 3 items to either finish or stop the ritual known as the God’s Head.


BLAME Beta 0.5.5 Version Playthrough

BLAME Alpha Demo Playthrough

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Future Unfolding – Eye On

Future Unfolding (TBA)

Future Unfolding Cover


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Future Unfolding is a game announced in December 2012 by Spaces Of Play.

While there is not too much information to go by, due to the game being very early in development, looking at the shot provided we can tell how the graphic style isn’t pointing towards realism but more an artistic feel so I suppose it would feel like moving art while playing this game.

The game is a top down action adventure into a world that is forever changing and survival is a must. It seems the developers intend the player to focus on exploration with no hand holding and leaving the player to discover  and explain what is happening around them.

Stay tuned as Future Unfolding keeps developing and updating, so will Lupo as we keep an eye on this game.


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Thanatophobia – Eye On

Thanatophobia (TBA)

Thanatophobia Cover

Thanatophobia is an upcoming game created by the independent studio Death Knell Games, a team originally from London but now boasting members from England and Sweden, the game puts us into the role of  ex-detective, Sam Dehevan and two their characters across two episodes in a thrilling survival horror with puzzle solving and storytelling.


Latest News

Ongoing Commentary

Announced in 2011, Thanatophobia is an upcoming survival horror game with three stories told through the perspectives of three different characters. These will feel like standalone games and less than pieces to an overall package, with each holding their own self contained story.

This takes place in what the developers promise to be an immersive and atmospheric world, where they want to go back to the old school style of horror with less emphasis on action and more puzzle and storytelling, solving riddles while also fighting strange enemies that draw life from the very fears of the protagonists.

The first story and protagonist is Samuel Dahevan, an ex-police officer who engages in a personal battle with on the loose child killer, the Bear. The story takes place with Samuel’s life having spiraled to rock bottom after the Bear’s increasingly violent kidnappings and failed investigation, leading him to a life of alcohol and drug abuse. One fateful rainy day when he finds himself inside an abandoned family apartment which is strangely familiar, could Samuel be closer to solving the crime after having been led here by the Bear himself.

Samuel finds a fresh corpse besides recordings from which he can only understand a few words though they bear much meaning and Samuel from then ventures deeper into the house, to try to solve the biggest case of his life. Indeed the atmosphere will rely less on shock and jump scares and more on lasting tension and psychological horror.

The environments all have that dark feel to them and tey look fresh and great to look at.

The environments all have that dark feel to them and they look fresh and great to look at.

So this is what we know for now on the first episode. The game will be in a third person mode and along the way in the game you’ll be able to have your own custom interface, dialogue sequences as well as a few combat moments and of course puzzle solving.

Thanataphobia is currently being polished in its alpha stage and stay tuned as more news from its development is being updated.


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Doorways – Eye On

Doorways (TBA)

Doorways Cover B

An indie game being developed by a studio based in Argentina, Doorways is a survival horror, with elements of puzzle solving and action, as you venture into a twisted world of torture, riddles and figures chasing you down.


Latest News

– Steam Greenlight for Doorways at

– The voice of Alexander from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Sam A. Mowry is voicing Thomas Foster. The Spanish version will have the voice of Javier Gomez, known for his translations of series such as Breaking Bad, The Killing and the The Walking Dead.

Ongoing Commentary 

Doorways is a horror game coming straight out of Argentina and it’s great to see indie games now coming out of Latin America. This small team is developing a game called Doorways, which by the trailers and statements, is a game that will take us through a dark world, within castle like areas, as we see items of torture as well as impaled or hanged people. It’s a dark game though not one with needless violence just for the sake of it, seeing as Doorways also will challenge the player with thoughtful puzzles and with time and agility challenges.

It seems our main character will be called Thomas Foster and though the reasons are unknown, we find ourselves in the world of Doorways, which will progress as we complete levels, which will be replayable with many items to collect, secret places to uncover, notes and achievements which make this game sound like a long experience. Add to the fact, that with these levels lasting hours in total with the possibility of more to be released after release, Doorways could have a long life span.

The atmosphere already seems quite powerful, especially with the addition of the torture devices and theme, sure to unnerve and make stomachs queasy, with psychological horror as well as jump scares to try to terrify you.

Keep on the lookout for Doorways.




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