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Shelter (2013)

Shelter Cover

Shelter is a recently announced title from Might and Delight, where we must defend our litter of badgers from the dangers of different environments in a uniquely crafted world.



Latest News

16/05/2013 Shelter will release a gameplay video soon and has released a few concept art pieces that can be found in the gallery.

15/04/2013 Shelter is officially announced, with its page on Steam and is aiming for the Steam Greenlight.

Ongoing Commentary

This is what I love the most about Indie gaming. You see, any concept or idea can be produced whereas bigger developers for obvious reasons (financial, not willing to take risks etc.) would never dare produce some of the games that indie developers have brought to the market.

The latest game in question is Shelter, from the creators of the platformer last year called Pid, which with cardboard cut out style of graphics will put into the role of a badger mother, who forced away from their safe and familiar environment must venture with her young to find new environments, though there are dangers lurking about. Now seeing as this game is focusing on animals, the developers have stated how they want to create a bond between the player and the family you will get to know and protect.  With no dialogue whatsoever, this is a game that will appeal only to a certain gamer though I’m hoping the experience if played through will be something that sticks with you long after, like Ico or Journey.

Now while there is little at the moment on gameplay, we do know for certain that it is a that the game will be in third person (possible first person?) with a single player campaign. The environments will be diverse and many and with its own art style, this could be a true treat for the eyes. While the other creatures and predators haven’t been announced, there locations will not be randomized and there seems to at least be a weather dynamic, meaning we may have to venture through storms as well as the sunlight. The developers have stated that while there will be a peaceful mood while playing the game, expect to keep on your toes in the harsh reality of the animal kingdom.

Since Shelter was announced only recently, this is a title any fan should keep close to as there is sure to be more updates soon on this unique title. Like or Follow to stay up to date with the latest for Shelter.


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Vesper.5 (2012)

VESPER5 Coverb

Vesper.5, a game created for a contest with the theme being ritual, is a game that takes a very unique approach to actually playing it and as much patience in completing it. For you will have only one chance to make one movement in Vesper.5 before you have to wait for the following day before making the next move otherwise you’re taken one move back and the only way to complete it is after 100 days of choices. The aim is to see if and how you keep the daily routine of coming back to the game up with each choice important.


Review (Coming After 100 Days!)

Vesper.5 100 Moves, 100 Days (Let’s Play Vesper.5)

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