Imscared – A Pixelated Nightmare

Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare (2012)

Imscared Cover A

Imscared is a free indie horror game created by Italian Ivan Zanotti. The game graphics are pixellated and with a creepy atmosphere and a game that will play tricks with you like so few other horror games out there, Imscared is a feeling most will share once you start experiencing the Pixelated Nightmare.



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Dark – Eye On

Dark (2013)

Dark Cover

Dark is an upcoming game, developed by Kalypso Media, and puts you in the unusual role of one of mankind’s greatest characters of evil – a vampire. Dark takes you into the world of vampires where at any moment the hunter can become the hunted, as you develop your character in a world where the natural and supernatural are intertwined.

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– Pre orders are available off the official site.

What We Know

– Dark uses 3D shaded graphics.

Ongoing Commentary

Dark places the player into the role we are normally meant to fear, that of a vampire. In this stealth, RPG, action adventure horror game where we take of a recently transformed Vampire called Eric Bane, who can’t remember anything of his past before the transformation as well as the transformation itself with the only thing he knows for certain, is that he must drink the blood of the person who transformed him. Problem is, you must find him as well as unravelling the secrets behind the mysterious  Geoforge Corporation and time is running short for if you don’t your creator in time, you risk becoming a Ghoul, half vampire cursed blind and dumb intent on finding their creators and drink their blood before others so as to become true vampires.

The game takes place in a futuristic city and along the way we will have to develop our character, unlocking new abilities such as invisibility and killing from a distance, improve our vampire skills and stealth abilities, resulting in the vampire lovers greatest dream. Which vampire lover hasn’t wanted to control a vampire that by the sound of it, can fulfill just about every customizable fantasy you can imagine as you aim to become the ultimate vampire.

Along the way it seems we’ll have a great cast of characters behind us, as well as many interesting places to go on missions including museums or a hidden fortress in a goliath skyscraper. Once we’ve been out on the prowl we’ll be able to return to a nightclub like place called the Sanctuary, our HUB where we can start new missions, gather intel and is the first place we awake, where one of the other game’s main protagonists, Rose, will help us adapt to the vampire world and serve as a mentor throughout the game.

And while we can call Rose and Eric good vampires, we will meet other vampires who delight in violence and torture which is sure to be relevant throughout the plot. Along with this we’ll have to deal with M17 agents and other vampires such as Vladmir head of the Geoforge and the insane museum director John Blooming.

Dark is currently scheduled for release in the 2nd quarter of 2013 and will be available to Xbox 360 or PC players.


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Sound Of Silence – Eye On

Sound Of Silence (TBA)

Sound Of Silence CoverSound Of Silence is a game created by Michael Chiniquy that will continuously adapt feeding of the fears of the player. A very challenging concept that if executed well, would mean we could have a horror gaming experience like none before, where the game will try its best to terrify us by reading our actions.

Latest News

Ongoing Commentary

The Sound Of Silence concept video has been around for over a year now though it is now in full development with a demo intended for release on October 2013 (Halloween release date anyone?). While not too much information is available obviously the little we have is the most intriguing yet.

Horror games terrify us already if they get everything right and I’m not talking about jumpscares I’m talking about games that make your terrified to open the door to progress and the game world feels involves you so much, you feel as if you’re in it yourself. So Sound Of Silence is a psychological horror game that reads how a player plays the game, making sure to understand your fears and adding more of them to the rooms, corridors and the rest of the gaming world.

It’s an idea most of us have must have thought of once in a while, though I wonder how well it could work? It is a very difficult challenge but I hope it all goes smoothly for having a game like this would be great and unique experience.

So how will the game try to read the players actions? Now we begin the game in the middle of an empty street at night and the concept video states that the game will see which routes across the world they take, strategies during the game or the answers given to certain characters. So it seems if you were to veer towards lighted areas, the game may understand your fear of the darkness. Any rooms the player visits will have at least three different manifestations on what the game believes the fears of the players are. Though it seems combat will be minimal as the game will probably take a more run and hide approach with puzzles and exploration being more of a focus.

So keep checking back to see more information on this intriguing game.

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Community – Moon Cycle

Hello everyone and welcome to the area of the site titled Moon Cycle.

Now what is this  Moon Cycle you may ask? Well, it is hard for anybody of any profession to get an idea at first out there. It’s very difficult to promote your idea and find others who share your vision, while having constant honest feedback.

Lupo wants to help you. To all those aspiring game developers or creators, or even if you know someone as such, listen close. Whether your game is at its earliest stage, where all you’ve got is a concept, drawings or a small demo or if your game is already well underway, Lupo wants to help you promote your game, give it its own presence on the web, give you positive and constructive feedback, Lupo’s personal words and have a medium for your title, here it is.

So, what do you do? If you’d like to send in your title, don’t dare hesitate any longer. Send your title to, along with the following;

  1. The name of your project (Don’t worry if you haven’t decided yet, as long as we can separate it from the rest).
  2. A short bio on yourself.
  3. A short summary of the game.
  4. An image for your game cover (basically to put a picture to the name on Lupo).
  5. Content of the game that you’re willing to show.
  6. Further explanations (if possible) of characters, enemies, settings, objects etc.
  7. What you plan to do with the title, any personal comments, any questions or assistance for Lupo and the community, in other words this is the part where you write down the future of the title and what you plan to do from here on. When sending this part you can specify which questions or such you would want to be published on the site or just to send to Lupo.
  8. Anything else you feel has been left out don’t hesitate to send in. I would gladly accept any further content, it would only show your passion for your vision!

So do this and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your creation up on the web, with support and help by people just as passionate as you. Any further questions can be asked via email.

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