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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (2013)

Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Cover

The sequel to the acclaimed and terrifying Amnesia: The Dark Descent is aiming for release this 2013. The game though taking place in the same universe, places us in the year 1899 in the role of a wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus who after a bed ridden fever, awakens to the sounds of a machine turning into action beneath him…


Latest News

– 2/09/2013 – Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs the final version is being now worked on.

Ongoing Commentary

Starting off originally as a short experimental game set in the universe of Amnesia, A Machine For Pigs is the sequel to the 2010 success, The Dark Descent.

So the premise is the same, we play a character who has no recollection of his last memory as he wakes up in his bed, to the sounds of a terrible machine. So what does Machine For Pigs have to offer this time round for Amnesia fans?

Well the game’s location is the first difference, taking us away from the claustrophobic castle of Dark Descent into the world of Victorian Britain, with larger areas as well as outdoor ones and the darkness that certain aspects of the culture during such as time, deep in spiritualism, industry, science and social reforms.

The narrative as you play will not be linear timeline, as you’ll play in the present as well as the past, where some will be real while others will spark from the imagination of the characters in the game.

The aim is to allow these new environments to scare you, which means your line of sight will be broken and the developers want to create a feeling of having to explore these locations, even if you don’t want to. And though we have yet to see what our antagonists look like, the developers have stated that the A.I has been tweaked this time, making them unpredictable compared to Dark Descent.

Now while certain aspects of Dark Descent will remain, to keep the experience fresh and original, other aspects have been taken out with newer ones in their place. For instance lights and lanterns will remain though how they’re used in a different system and a way to make the player fully immersed in the game, without breaking it and this means that the inventory system of Dark Descent will very likely stay out of the game.

Watching the trailers, you can see how the core of Amnesia has remained though the environments are the key difference, as the world feels much more technological and frightening and I can’t wait to explore this Victorian influenced world as the settings look stunning and diverse.

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is aiming for release in the 3rd Quarter of 2013.

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